Why It’s Important To Have A Work Christmas Party*

by Nikki LLL Blog, October 07, 2018

The darker nights are slowly creeping in and the weather is starting to cool, which means one thing — Christmas is quickly approaching.

One part of the festive period that has become tradition is the work Christmas party. Many look forward to it throughout the year, so it’s not something you should not underestimate or fail to host at your company. Here’s a few reasons why:

It’s a way to say thank you
Your staff will have worked hard for the past 12 months in order to make your company the best it can be. 

Therefore, treat a Christmas party as a way of acknowledging that you appreciate the efforts shown by each team member. Your employees are sure to appreciate this.

It’s a way to reflect
Employees tend to go the extra mile to get to a Christmas party, so take advantage of having everyone in a relaxed environment by reflecting on the positives that your company has experienced over the last year.

Suggestions include incorporating a speech by the CEO or having an awards ceremony throughout the proceedings. These help you recognise the good stuff that staff members have been producing and rewarding them.

It’s a way to build relationships
No we don’t mean romantic relationships — though a study commissioned by First Class Breath did suggest that 20 per cent of women have entered into a long-term relationship following a Christmas party.

However, Christmas parties present the perfect opportunity for staff members to get to know each other. By breaking down the barriers, there is more likelihood that employees will take this new friendship into the office and inspire fresh ways of working.

It’s a way to entertain your staff
There are bound to be plenty of laughs at a Christmas party around a certain theme or with a photo booth in the function room.

As well as providing a lot of entertainment on the actual night, staff morale is sure to be boosted too as employees reminisce about the party in the days and weeks afterwards.

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