How Do You Relax When You Spend All Day At Home?!*

by Nikki LLL Blog, November 04, 2020
Cheers, Boris. Over November, we've got pretty much nothing to look forward to other than exercising. 2020 couldn’t get any worse! The New Year can’t come around fast enough. Imagine the novelty of being able to eat out and meet friends without getting nicked! Jokes aside, the idea of being stuck in the house, apart from the odd opportunity to nip out to the shop or for a walk, isn’t appealing. Even worse, it makes it harder to relax when the thing you do to de-stress - chill on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix - isn’t novel.

What can you do? Hopefully, the ideas underneath will help you out of this pickle.

Mix Up Exercise

It’s all well and good going for long walks in the first two weeks. Then, the idea of rambling gets kicked into the long grass because you can’t be bothered any longer. Also, you’ve visited every national park and National Trust within a twenty-mile radius! As a result, you’re bored and back to square one. Mixing up your workout routine, from walking one day to running or yoga the next, should help you survive a month unscathed and stop your mental health from deteriorating to the point where you can’t wait for Christmas with family again!


Finally, something everybody can get on board with! Napping isn’t usually recommended unless you understand the basics of a healthy kip. But, boredom can lead to fatigue, and if you’re tired, there’s nothing wrong with catching forty winks. Firstly, it should hopefully restore your energy levels when you awake. Secondly, it will pass the time quicker. The key is not to go over the twenty-minute threshold, the threshold that science says constitutes a positive nap. Set your alarm, ask your partner to wake you up, or trust your body clock, but whatever you do, don’t drift off for an hour.


Get Comfy

Don’t assume that pottering about in your comfies is wrong. It’s never a bad move! It’s only unhealthy when you do it all the time, which you won’t since you plan on exercising and napping your way through lockdown 2.0. As such, you can always rely on donning your best loungewear and laying on the couch with a good book. Alternatively, a nice hot drink and a TV show might be up your street. If you feel as if you are active during self-isolation, you must slow down and take stock, or else you’ll end up suffering from burnout by the beginning of Dec!

Have Fun

Did you say fun? As in enjoyment? As in, the things people do to socialise and interact? Okay, the traditional avenues aren’t available, but that doesn’t mean your ability to laugh, smile, and cry, or a mixture of the three, is diminished. Whether it’s a book club or a pub quiz, you can get creative with friends and family and pretty much do everything you did previously over the internet. We all know about Zoom and Microsoft Teams - some people are experts - so it shouldn’t be an issue.

The key is to add as much novelty as possible, from ordering in food and drink to dressing up in costumes!
*Collaborative post. For more information, please see my Disclaimer.
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