When compared to shaving and waxing, by subjecting one’s skin to an effective laser hair removal treatment from a renowned clinic, the days of worrying about flaunting one’s body are over as laser body hair removal arrests the activation of the hair follicles for a long time after the treatment has been administered to the recipient.

On that note, these days, men are also moving towards laser body hair removal treatment as it offers a lot of benefits over traditional body hair removal techniques. 

However, there are some precautions that a man would need to take to enjoy the advertised benefits of this treatment.

Male Laser Hair Removal

Some of those post-treatment precautions are as follows:-

The treated areas should be cleaned gently

After one receives their laser body hair removal treatment, they should clean the treated areas by washing the same with a bar of mild organic soap and lukewarm water but only after the irritation (if any) has subsided.

After washing the treated areas, one should avoid rubbing the same too hard with a towel. Instead, they should pat it dry with a soft-to-touch cotton towel. This has to be done within the first 48 hours from the moment one walked out of the treatment clinic.

Avoid using deodorant and related male personal care products on the treated areas

The treated areas should not be subjected to male personal care products such as colognes, deodorants, or related products, irrespective of the fact that they are mild or harsh.

It is best to exfoliate the treated areas 

The treated areas should be subjected to mild exfoliation after a week to about a month from the day the person got his treatment from the clinic. This is essential as it will allow the dead hair strands to fall out of the inactive hair follicles in the treated areas of the skin more effectively.

One would need to avoid stepping out into the sun for some time

Sure one would have to head out and go to work but it is advised that one is covering up all the treated areas of their skin before venturing out in the sun. For added protection, one would also need to use a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 25 or more. This should be the norm for at least two months from the day one walked out of the treatment clinic.

It's best not to scratch or pick the treated areas

The treated areas of one’s skin will eventually feel a bit itchy and men, well they have a habit of picking on their skin when things get a bit uncomfortable. This has to be avoided at all costs as this will prevent the individual to see the results they were hoping for.

In the end, to make things easy, men who are about to receive laser body hair removal treatment can use a topical numbing cream. These medicated products are available at any pharmacy and the best part one would not need a prescription to buy them. If that is out of the question then one can always use an ice pack on the target areas of their skin in a bid to achieve the same numbing effect. The purpose of doing all of this is to minimise the uncomfortable feeling most men complain about while receiving this treatment. For more details, one should get in touch with a renowned skin clinic in their vicinity.
*Article contributed by Austin K
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