Another week, another lockdown. Bored of it yet? I mean, obviously I am (despite the amount of work I have to keep me going atm!) but I'm not gonna be a gammon'ed and march in town claiming to have 'reclaimed the steps' or keep moaning about it. This is life as we know it right now - and it's all about surviving and navigating it as best as we can. And staying home, not mixing with other households and not crying about microchips & robot pigeon spies on Twitter dot com

Seeing as I've been stuck in the gaff for pretty much the entirety of 2020 (minus that brief window of glory in January-February whilst Boris spent our tax money on his plane's new artwork instead of ventilators... and that tight little 'taste of what you could have' he spoilt us with over Summer) I've spent quite a lot of my time improving it. New furniture, new artwork, new home furnishings - little touches that freshen up the areas I'm spending 24/7 in and make me smile when I see them. Hanging beautiful photos, quotes and other inspirational pieces of art to break up the sea of white walls I'm slowly going mad within.

I talk quite a lot about home & interior bits on my blog these days - and although I'm far from an expert (although I have been slaying the recent challenges on my Redecor home design app I play daily) it's something I like to share my experiences on online. The small changes I've made this year have definitely benefitted my wellbeing - and inspired me for all my next, new DIY projects at the same time. 

My new thing recently is scoping out stylish new tapestries and other wall hangings to add a more warm, cozy feel to some of the bleaker areas of my home (the front room is a bit brassic atm like) - both items which I've found in beautiful designs on Fine Art America's online store. Not into tapestries yet? You will be shortly; make space on ya walls and make way for some of my fave picks.

Level Up Your Interiors: Tapestries & Wall Hangings from Fine Art America*

Tapestries to me is a world that conjures up like, old things from history textbooks I was never that interested in. However, I couldn't have been more wrong about this (and this is one of the only times you'll hear me admit to being wrong #StubbornAF) as after about one second scrolling the beautiful wall hangings Fine Art America sell put those misconceptions straight to bed. They come in stylish, modern & abstract prints - with the option to actually create your own custom tapestries, which I think is such a fab idea; as I like to think I'm an arty little soul in parts and proper enjoy displaying a few bits of my designs & photography on the sly.

Wall tapestries at Fine Art America are made from top-quality, lightweight, microfiber - available in three different sizes and featuring incredible artwork that'll complement any wall space in ya gaff. Some of my favourite collections on their site are found within the 'Beach Collections' filter - with a mix of graphics, prints, photography and dramatic seascapes catching my eye immediately. After a whole year being locked down, I know I'm not the only one missing the beach and the heat of the sunshine (outside of this grim little island) on my skin. Some of the gorgeous tapestries within this filter really evoke that feeling of happiness & freedom being on holiday / travelling gives me - and I'm here for it.

Level Up Your Interiors: Tapestries & Wall Hangings from Fine Art America*

I'm also a big fan of some of the Boho Collections designs... which I guess are a similar sorta vibe. 

Each of these stylish tapestries has hemmed edges for secure hanging with nails and/or thumbtacks; making them versatile enough to hang no matter what your living situation. I think they're a really pretty, modern and unique way of dressing bare areas of your home - it's not all framed quotes and photo prints, 2020 (whilst having been an absolute SHOCKER of a year) means we have other options, such as wall tapestries, available to us. And I am once again firmly here for it. 

I love the fact that shopping with Fine Art America is another way to support independent artists (as well as brands), on a worldwide basis; 24 hours a day during these unprecedented, rona-filled times. Independent brands and small businesses need our support now more than ever - so if you're already in the game for some new pieces of wall art as part of any interior improvement projects you've got on; shopping with them solves two problems in one. A perfect discovery ahead of Christmas too, right?!

Which is your favourite design on the Fine Art America website - or in this post? Do you own any tapestries, or more unusual forms of wall art? Comment them below, I'm always looking for more home interior inspiration!

*Sponsored post, but all picks and opinions (and experiences with Ms Rona!) are very much my own. For more info, please check out my Disclaimer
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