Marketing Yourself For A Successful Job Opportunity*

by Nikki LLL Blog, November 23, 2020
When it comes to marketing yourself for a new job, we know it can be a challenge and there are many things to think about. If you are a shy person at heart the idea of bigging yourself up to a prospective employer might be a mean feat, but it is worth it if it gets you a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Today we want to talk about selling yourself for a new job, and just a few of the things you can do to help yourself find a job you love and one that doesn’t make you feel stressed out each and every day. 

Job Opportunity Tips

Edit your CV for the position you want 

Your CV is like the window to your soul. When looking for possible workers, the employer is going to use your CV as a benchmark and it will be the first impression they have of you. This is why it is important to use a service such as Practice Match to edit your CV and make it suited to the role you want. Every CV should be different depending on the role - for example a business development CV might be white and straight laced whereas a marketing CV should be colourful and catch attention. Make your CV match the role you want and this will help you succeed.

Be confident about your skills 

When applying for a new job you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd - and one way to do this is showing off your skills. It is important to have faith in your own abilities and be confident in the skills you have. Keep a record of the skills you have learnt over the years and don’t hold back when talking about them. When talking about a skill try to match that with a story which demonstrates it. Such as working under pressure - you might share a story that demonstrates a time when you were under pressure and succeeded. 

Dress smart

When selling yourself for a job it is important that your image is a selling point too. Always dress smart when going to interviews and meetings because this diligence will allow you to rise above the rest and show that you care about the position. Even if the dress code of the office itself is casual - always dress formal for an interview because it shows that you care and want to impress. 

Have a laugh 

One of the things that many people don’t consider about interviews is small talk and personality. As important as it is to have the skills and knowledge to perform the job at hand - it is also important for you to be a friendly person and someone who gets along with the others in the office. Make sure in your interview that you come across friendly and don’t be afraid to have a laugh with each other. It is a fun way to show your personality and people are more likely to remember the person who made them laugh. 

Use these tips and market yourself for success in your next job search! 
*Collaborative post, for more information on what this means please see my Disclaimer.
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