Posting Parcels & Saving The Planet, With Lil Packaging*

by Nikki LLL Blog, November 01, 2020

The world's on its arse at the moment, and I can't cope. But as a side effect, business as we know it is constantly changing and adapting - including the way we shop, the way retailers are operating (with many brick & mortar stores taking the leap in going digital) and even the way we're communicating with others. 

Obv, one of the the most used phrases of 2020 is 'Zoom Call'... but we've also been relying on delivery and postal services more than ever during this time too; ordering things to be delivered to loved ones (ie I've ordered a tablet for my Mum, so we can live the aforementioned video call life.) And mailing other items I've bought for the family cat online via couriers, including a four-poster mini doll bed from Ikea for her to sleep in; like the true prinny she is 😂

I always try and reuse old packaging when I send out parcels - be this with care packages for mates, presents for the most spoilt cat in the North West or bits I've sold on eBay to try and stay financially afloat during Ms Rona's reign of terror. Firstly, because it saves money... but secondly; as it's eco-friendly, recycling is one of my very few passions and this helps save the planet. If you send out a few parcels (like I do with eBay clothes, or like I used to do when I sold blog photo props for abar a week that time) packaging really becomes an issue - something you need to have in at all times for if you make a sale. Small biz owners will feel my pain! 

I was actually looking at sourcing jiffy bags and packaging a little while ago for another lil business venture I had in mind - I really wanted to launch my own false lashes. Bought the domain name, social accounts etc and everything. But for now, that dream is on hold, as am just too buseh. But I'm really glad I never committed to anything or bulk bought a load of stuff from this particular manufacturer I was talking to, as I'm defo keen to reduce my environmental footprint / impact on the world. And I've now found the perfect company to do so, which I'll use for any bulk orders of packaging boxes moving forward; Lil Packaging.

Lil Packaging Eco Friendly Packaging Boxes Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Lil Packaging are (as the name suggests) a packaging company who sell eco-friendly packaging... aiming to eradicate plastic from eCommerce. A cause I can truly get behind - I hate when you order something tiny online and it comes in abar 90 bags and wrapping. NO NEED. Think of the ocean, huns. The company offer packaging solutions in alternative solutions to plastic, with a focus on protecting our planet and the ocean. Every single part of the packaging solutions they sell is plastic-free (I STAN. HARD.) - even down to the sealings on the packets... and unsurprisingly, the company have received some fantastic feedback on their concept and work to protect the globe so far.

If you're a small business, a budding eBay seller or know someone who fits either of these two pieces of criteria (or even better, if you're a big ol' business) definitely, definitely check them out and spread the word... switching to eco-friendly packaging is such a small yet impactful decision to make... and with physical shops being closed during the pandemic, all these online orders that need mailing make me a little worried re: plastic overload and wastage galore. Save a life, stay at home and make the switch to a plastic-free life - let's have more of these 'the world is healing' memes with the dolphins in Italy & tha.... and know that we've been behind them. Save the planet, yo.

Do you sell online, or know someone who does and would benefit from checking out Lil Packaging?
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