Seen one gift guide, seen them all, right? Well not this one hun - there's none of that same-old, same-old over here. I wanted to share a gift idea today from a company I love & have worked with a few times previously - a website which helps hundreds of thousands of independent artists and brands sell their work in differing formats around the globe. During a time where (thanks to that cow Ms Rona) these people need our support more than ever

I am of course, referring to Fine Art America (clue's sorta in the title tbh) and the product we're discussing today is something a lil different. I've covered wall art, I've covered wall tapestries and today... we're talking about the wonder of puzzles; a new range to launch on Fine Art America's site. But so, so perfect for right now; amiright?

We're stuck at home. Many of us are furloughed and unable to do anything. Many of us feel like we're going mad, and our brains are going to mush either from lack of stimulation or from anxiety about the current status of the world taking our thoughts and mashing them into an aggressive pulp of dread & panic. Wow, that sentence hit me differently like... BUT ANYWAY. What better time to challenge your brain & keep yourself occupied / your thoughts on something other than the raging pandemic going on outside our doors, than with a beautifully designed jigsaw puzzle for adults

There's just something so satisfying about finding the right piece and it fitting so perfectly in place. And about putting that very last piece in, to fill that tiny remaining square. Just so much, pure and wholesome joy waiting to be enjoyed. For young and old (I know a few older people who'd definitely appreciate a gift like this, as being old, alone and often lonely as well as bored is a literal killer ๐Ÿ’”.) 

Jigsaw Puzzles Fine Art America Lovelaughslipstick Blog

You can always rely on Fine Art America to deliver when it comes to stunning artwork and images from some of the most talented photographers & graphic designers - and this is no different when it comes to their range of available puzzles. Although I'll admit, I've found myself looking at the options from a 'how easy would this be to complete?' angle as opposed to purely aesthetic value this time around when choosing my picks!

From artwork, to animals, to macro-photography, to scenes of some of the most beautiful nature scenery in the world (and out of it!) this range of puzzles has it all. There's not a single boring one - they're all vibrant, beautiful images that make you wanna sit down and get ya puzzle on. Just look at that beautiful beach puzzle in my fave pics below. The Greek Isles are screaming my name right now looking at that - miss you so much Kefalonia hun!

Jigsaw Puzzles Fine Art America Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Something else I love about this service from Fine Art America is the fact you can actually design your own custom puzzle - using the image of your choice (whether you decide to go for a precious memory or a memory a friend would rather forget ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) for a real memorable, personal gift to bring back memories for many years to come. Printed in top quality, high resolution - and available in either 18" x 24" (500 pieces) and 20" x 28" (1,000 pieces.) 

I can definitely think of a few hilarious drunken photos I've got stored in the iCloud that would make the greatest jigsaws of all time - as well as some really beautiful photos of places I've visited with friends & loved ones over the years. My best friend actually bought a puzzle recently to attempt during lockdown - in attempts to keep her brain fresh... but her cat pooed on it midway through and she had to throw it away hahaha! Maybe I'll treat her this year and replace the puzzling progress she lost.

When was the last time you sat down with a good puzzle or jigsaw? What do you do to beat boredom and keep your brain fresh during lockdown?

*Sponsored post, but all picks and opinions (and feelings regarding Ms Rona!) are very much my own. For more info, please check out my Disclaimer.

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