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So, in amongst all my random babble and obsession with motivational quotes, I wanted to tell you about a great addition to my makeup bag I picked up recently. Obviously, the one key theme within this blog is budget - so don't get turned off thinking I'm going to whip out some high end product that'll cost you an arm and a leg - cos chance would be a fine thing! 

Anyway, the clue's in the name here; Makeup Revolution [although I tried to dress it up a bit with puns, I doubt it actually concealed what this post was going to cover.]

I've seen loads of stuff online about Makeup Revolution recently; people really enjoying their range - especially the brushes, some of them being great dupes for more expensive products. So with a budget firmly set in mind, I logged on and ordered myself a couple of bits. One of which I want to share with you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and others which will follow in upcoming posts. 

And the product which made me excited enough to type in capitals was the Awesome Dual Eyeliner, Kohl and Flick in black. 

This amazing product contains two eyeliners in one, making it convenient as well as the ultimate babe in my life in the moment. The kohl eyeliner is retractable which I love - this saves on me having to sharpen my eyeliner every time I use it and the lead inevitably snapping about 12 times and eye-pencil shavings wafting everywhere [surely this happens to other people and not just me?]

But the part I am genuinely, triumphantly and gloriously buzzing off is the literal felt-tip end of the eyeliner. 

I know I am not alone [I've seen the internet memes] in having had some true 'mares lining my eyes. My right eye always goes to plan, with a lovely shape and an elegant flicky finish, whereas when I've finished with lefty he usually looks like a] a child did it b] like it's meant to be a squiggly effect and not a straight line I was ever after and c] my wing is actually a pile of eyeliner vomit on the outside of my eye. 

That's where we bring in this little beauty. It it genuinely like a felt-tip pen. With it being so shaped and pointed at the end, drawing your eyeliner on is genuinely dreamy. The fine pointed tip means that you have so much more control on what you're drawing - plus the consistency of the liner means it comes out straight away, like it would if you picked up a felt-tip pen and drew a line on a piece of paper [or a moustache on a passed out friend's face at a house party.]

Plus, I feel I have to add here - it was only £3.50. For two fabby eyeliners rolled into one, so you never leave the house unprepared.

I will post a little more on this product and show you a step by step guide of how it looks on my eyes and how easy it is to apply over the next few days. I also picked up a couple of Makeup Revolution's lippys [they were a quid guys. A QUID] and eyeshadow palettes which I'll try and feature also. 

In the meantime, my eyes will no longer look like they belong to some kind of deranged panda and my credit cards can breathe a sigh of relief too; at £3.50, the bank will not be broken. Not today.

Have any of you tried this product, or any of the other eyeliners from the collection? What were your thoughts? Have you found any other products from the Makeup Revolution range that stand out for you?
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