Look what arrived today guys, my SlendertoxTea* from the Bloggers' Hangout #TwitterParty!! [Pahaha, I accidentally missed the 'w' out of Twitter when I typed that and laughed like a schoolboy at the word tit #mature.] It actually arrived earlier on in the week, but I got home from work to find the red Post Office card of doooooom waiting for me, so I've had to wait until today for Postie [the name he refers to himself as] to redeliver it. 

I'm quite excited to try this. I don't want to pure drop loadsa pounds, as I'm at a healthy weight right now [despite all the biscuits] and intend to keep it that way. So I won't be using this product to lose weight. Instead, I'm keen as hell to see if SlendertoxTea helps with decreasing bloating and increasing my energy levels - like it says on the packet. I hate feeling bloaty - though it is probably my own doing sometimes, after I've wolfed down an entire chicken chow mein and small chips in 6 minutes, without coming up for air. I'd also like to detox and get any lingering crap [probably quite literally] out of my body, so I can feel refreshed and healthy this summer; rather than the way I spent last summer [decrepid and limpy] whilst I was recovering after surgery. 

These teas have been around for a while now, but despite reading a few blog posts about them, I'm still pretty clueless. So I'll whack a bit more info below; the blurb from the back of the packet, how you should use them, what they look like and my first impressions. I'll obv report back with how I got on too, once I've had the chance to put these babies to the test. #ComeAtMeBikiniBody [and also, the money to book a holiday, please.]

I was sent two sachets of SlendertoxTea, which make up a full 14 day Teatox.

The bigger, pink sachet is filled with 14 x DayTox teabags and the smaller blue sachet contains 7 x Sleeptox teabags. The Daytox teabags look very similar to the Sleeptox ones; but the Sleeptox bags look a little bit greener, as though they perhaps contain slightly different stuff [UPDATE: I've just read the ingredients and they do.] You drink a cup of the Daytox tea each morning when you wake and enjoy a Sleeptox brew every other night throughout the course of your Teatox, a few hours before you go to sleep.

Both sachets advise that you should use a medium sized cup of warm [but not boiling water] in order to brew up and to let your teabag stew in the water for 2-3 minutes, depending on your tolerance and sensitivity to the stuff [everyone reacts to things differently.]

The reported benefits of the Teatox are:

- Colon health 
- Promoting a healthy change
- Feeling refreshed
- and less bloating.

SlendertoxTea advise that if you experience erm... well, raging diarrhoea or anything untoward in the poo parlour department, that you stop using the teabags pretty pronto. 

I have read a few blog posts where people have reported a fair few poo probz, so I'm definitely going to start this Teatox at the beginning of a weekend, as they suggest on the packet. I don't want to be caught short in work. I've also been on antibiotics this week and have just taken my Vitamin D tablet for my brittle ass bones, so I don't particularly want to sh*t these things out just yet, either. Due to such [and some upcoming blood tests] I'm not going to start my Teatox for a week or so, just in case. The story of that bird who got pregnant cos she didn't realise that Teatoxes would cause her to sh*t out her contraceptive pill haunts me - particularly as I actually went to school with her, so it seems somewhat closer to home haha. 

The teabags themselves smell really nice; like something I'll enjoy drinking. They smell like tea but with a zingy, minty smell - which certainly leads me to believe they'll be very refreshing. I'll post here, on Twitter and on Instagram with my results  - during and after the Teatox - so keep your eyes peeled [and I promise I'll keep anything poo related on the down-low. Though you do know I like to overshare hahaaah. ]


Have you tried a Teatox before? If you like the sound of this one, you can check SlendertoxTea out on Twitter, Insta, Facebook or their website for more deets.

*I was sent this Teatox by SlendertoxTea as part of the Bloggers' Hangout #TwitterParty recently. All opinions are very much [and will very much be] my own. It's not big or clever to lie, so you have my word and that.
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