I love reading personal posts. I also love to overshare freely - to anyone who'll listen / read my rambling, which makes writing them ideal, too. 

When it comes to writing, it's always best when you blog about what you know, I think. So I couldn't write a post about perfume, as I'm terrible at explaining fragrances; my knowledge of ingredients and how they work together extends about as far as 'it smells well nice' or 'it smells like hell on earth.' I'm not great at advising how you can get the perfect smokey eye or how to craft a beautifully sculpted HD brow, either. Yeah, I make my own face look presentable; but I do this by [mostly] winging it [not just with my eyeliner] and via stalking other people's YouTube tutorials.

What I do know, is my own life. Things that I have, do, feel and on the odd occasion, purchase. So for today's post, I wanted to share some of the ins and outs of my existence with you; similar / inspired I guess by the way Jemma of Dorkface blog fame does in her fab Friday Five series [I heart reading these posts so much.] But obv less good. And probably containing a lot more swearing [#PottymouthProbz.] My New Year might have started off in a massively turd way - but how have the following couple of weeks been? Well, I'll tell ya.

What's gone down in LoveLaughsLipstick town over these past couple of weeks, then?

The Good...

1. Ever since the Blogger's Hangout Twitter Party just before New Year,  I have actually made it to a few Twitter Chats!! Granted, I've pretty much been late every time and on the odd occasion, I've kinda drifted off towards the end and missed the part where everyone links up [last time this happened, it was due to me getting enticed by a Toffee Crisp bar, which was totes worth it] - but I'm happy that I've made the effort and really enjoyed getting to know more of you. So provided I don't have half of Asda's confectionary aisle in the cupboard to distract me next time, I should be able to see a chat through to the end properly!


2.  I've been to appointments at the hospital and the dentist [two of my worst fears] this week; which although reduced me to a quivering wreck in the waiting rooms, was defo a good thing as I have pushed myself to face my fears again - and take responsibility for my health. 

I had a cheeky scale and polish at the dentist - this, combined with my use of OSHUNwhite, means that my smile is now the whitest I've ever seen it. Also, quick fact for you - I've always used Corsodyl mouthwash; as the adverts on the TV where that woman's tooth is missing and her sink fills up with blood scared the living bejesus out of me. Turns out however, that using Corsodyl stains your teeth to sh*t - so unless you're advised to use it because you have gum disease or something, avoid it like the plague!!

AND big news - I was discharged from the hospital :} :} :} I've never really written about it on my blog, but I unfortunately had an accident 16 months ago in Turkey where I broke my hip and had to have it pinned. This time last year, I was in a wheelchair and couldn't walk. I was on crutches for nine months as it all healed and then after a bone scan, it turned out I have a cheeky bit of Osteoporosis / Osteopenia in my hypermobile joints. FML. Like, actually. Anyway, when I went back this time for my X-ray, the hot consultant was happy with how the fracture had healed and said he was happy to discharge me. Woohoo! I can now learn to run and jump and hop again, and hopefully get my life back this year. I'm very grateful for all the doctors, nurses and consultants who've looked after me - not to mention the two surgeons in Turkey who performed the surgery so well. 


3. I've had a couple of really relaxed weekends; seeing friends and their mischievous babies, sleeping and lounging about. And Insta stalking. When it comes to lounging about but still looking cool as hell, this fab, vintage Ellesse Prado* top I was sent by Reem Clothing is perfect. I actually blogged about this a while ago [so for more details, you can check the post out here - please be aware that my blog has come on dramatically since I first wrote this post and now my old photos proper make me cringe.]

I'd never heard of Reem Clothing before working with them, but their service and range of clothing is fab. And their prices surprised me, too. Really reasonable, considering the designer status of most of their garments! This particular top is only £20 [!!!!] and is actually from the men's section; but girls, we can rock men's clothing just as much as they can - this top is perfect to style with a choker, leggings and converse or to throw on for the gym. 

I'd defo recommend checking out their site - especially if you're thinking of treating your other half to something a bit stylish for Valentines this year. There is nothing better than a man wearing marl grey *swoons* PLUS Reem have a 75% off sale on some of their items at the moment. So you could potentially take the pleasure of seeing a bloke in marl grey and multiply it by about a million, knowing that the price you paid for it was with a 75% dizzy. 

The Bad....


2. How bloody poor I am [still] and how I am literally fuming I haven't managed to win the Lottery yet.

3. How many times I've craved Dominos, but not been able to justify blowing a whole week's food budget on one gourmet tea.

4. That I really need to defrost the freezer, but have a major case of CBA - and now the second drawer is frozen shut, permanently. Holding my oven chips hostage.

5. Using Google to self diagnose. I keep getting an ear infection, right - and I googled ear infections last night and read an article where a man DIED from one. Slammed the laptop closed at this point - why can't there be a cheerful symptom checker, that doesn't make you feel like you're knocking at death's door?

New Challenges

I tried out vlogging this week! Pure sat nattering away to myself on camera. However, my conclusions from this experiment were that a] my eyebrows are a joke and b] my chin is massive; so I need to re-evaluate my entire face before trying this out again.

Things I've loved...

1. Uber - why had I never tried this out before?! Literally the most convenient thing ever. I never, ever carry cash [normally because I never sh*tting have any] so allowing my credit card to take the fall for all the trips I take is a lifesaver.


2. Discovering new blogs! Three blogs I've really loved this week [and that you should totally check out] are:

Frey De Fleur - www.freydefleur.com
Dayna Marie - www.daynamarie.co.uk
Barely There Beauty - www.barelytherebeauty.com

3. Joining #TheGirlGang and getting pure inspired by all the amazing positivity you guys radiate

4. Discovering how fit Nutella spread is. WHY DID NOONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?! 


What have the first few weeks of 2016 held for you guys? Did you enjoy this post, or prefer when I ramble on about other things? I'd love to hear your thoughts / be mates.

* items marked with an asterisk were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone else but me
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