My hair has got somewhat out of control recently. A cross between a mad bird's nest and a scarecrow's scatty mop, it is four years worth of hair which I can't be remotely bothered to deal with. Or cut. This usually means that when I get up in a morning, I don't even bother with it. 

What is this thing called a hairbrush, that you speak of? [I'm only half joking here.]

More often than not, I just scrape my dishevelled locks back off my face and plonk them, a la pineapple, on the top of my head. And boy, does it feel good. 

One thing I've been missing up until now however, was a bit of jewellery to make my exposed ears look a bit prettier. When you have your hair up literally every day, it doesn't half expose your ears - and having some mad kind of half-arsed updo with no redeeming accessories isn't a great look to represent on the daily. Especially when you're having a very turbulent time in the love department and may, one day, want to try and convince other members of the male species that you're suitable girlfriend material and a functioning adult human [even if I do wear hamster onesies and watch South Park way too much.] 

Body Jewellery Shop very kindly sent me some gorgeous pieces to sort my ear accessorising game right out

I've worked with these guys before [here] and was wowed by their impressive range of jewellery for not just ear piercings - but also, by their extensive collection of body bars, earrings, rings, studs and plugs for just about every piercing you could ever have!! Since then, their collection has got even bigger - with the site now dabbling in gifts, fashion, jewellery and fancy dress. Did I mention, they also offer free shipping?!

Another thing I find amazingly useful about Body Jewellery Shop's website is the little guides they have next to each different kind of ear piercing / body piercing, which shows you where the jewellery goes and what the name of the piercing is. I have friends with lots of weird and wonderful piercings in and around their ears - and I was totally clueless about what jewellery fitted what, before I stalked this site!! I was the precious age of 15 before I dared to get my ears pierced - and I'm too much of a chicken to get anything else done, even though I love the look of the piercings some of my friends have [particularly tragus ear piercings.] But I know that should I decide to go ahead with a shiny new piercing, these guys have a massive range waiting for me.

This gorgeous cuff is just so pretty. All swirly and delicate. It's quite dramatic due to its size and will definitely catch an eye or two. It has a small clip on the inside which shuts really gently, so it isn't painful to wear and doesn't pure squish your ear cartilage. You don't need to have pierced ears to rep this look either, which means everyone can enjoy this piece of ear bling. It's ever so slightly too big on my ears; however, I still love wearing it. I have a massive head and very tiny ears, so on someone with normal proportions, this would fit even nicer.

I love this super minimal ear cuff; I think it's my favourite of the three pieces. It's super easy to pop on, fits securely on the cartilage of your ear, is super lightweight and adds an edgy, modern touch to any look. Plus, you don't need to have pierced ears to enjoy it! I'll definitely get tons of wear out of this this summer.

These photos don't really do these super glitzy little studs justice; they're so glittery and really sparkle when they catch the light. I desperately needed some little studs to wear on a day-to-day basis, as most days I forget to wear earrings at all and worry that the holes will heal over again. These are perfect. Glittery and pretty without being too heavy or overpowering. You can literally wear these for any occasion.


Which piece is your favourite? How would you style them? Have you checked out Body Jewellery Shop yet? Do you have any unusual body piercings you can educate me on?

*I was sent these products to review, but all opinions are my own - how could I not love such cute little earrings? :}
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