I have a massive, square head - with a chin so massive, it looks like Stan Smith's from American Dad [and if you don't know what I'm taking about, Google him or watch BBC3 more, in a last minute attempt to try and persuade them to not move it online next week *massive sad face* - I even signed the petition!!! ] I've also always been quite self conscious of my nose - namely, my side profile. So when contouring became public knowledge, I was all over it and now incorporate it into my daily makeup routine. Even if in reality it doesn't soften the angles of my face, it certainly makes me feel better about them. And it's definitely a cheaper alternative to plazzy surgery. 

I wrote in this post a little while ago alllll about my feelings on cream contour palettes. These feelings basically being that I heart them. So I wanted to show you guys another cream contour / colour correcting palette* that I'm rating at the moment, which I was sent from Born Pretty. I'm working with these guys again atm - and they've sent me some proper fab stuff to try out this time around. You can learn more about the matte lipgloss and false lashes they sent me recently by clicking here and / or  here. Keep your eyes peeled to my blog and social media over the next few weeks to see more of the matte lipgloss life, as since writing these posts, I headed straight back online and ordered the whole of Born Pretty's matte lipgloss range to try out. I'm feeling like Kylie Jenner on a major budget - and loving it.

I love these palettes. They're insanely beautiful [and perfectly Instagrammable], cheap and easy to apply / blend. I quite often use the pinks and yellows from the colour correcting side of the palette to hide my under eye baggage, too - I don't purely buy these palettes on their contouring powers alone. Cream contouring is considerably easier to blend than contouring with a powder; so for quick and easy chin-chiselling on the go, I always reach for this palette. 

Every shade in the palette applies really well and blends nicely into the skin. I first started buying these palettes purely for the darker shades, which I'd use to contour - but as I mentioned above, I've recently got really into using the colour correcting shades too. My face needs a hell of a lot of correcting - so having everything in one pan is super useful.

What made this palette stand out for me, when compared against other cheap ones I've ordered off eBay or Depop, was that it also comes with a beauty blender and a makeup brush. All this for under a fiver, with free shipping [*drools.*] 

When it comes to the bamboo-esque handled makeup brush, it's not a stand out brush like - if you're used to using your Real Techniques / Zoeva brushes, you might turn your nose up at it a bit; but for me, it does exactly what I want it to. I use this to contour the sh*t out of my cheekbones - it's lovely and soft and allows me to build up colour. 

I was made up with this little beauty blender too - I know to all you seasoned beauty pros out there, these are old news; but I'm very behind the times when it comes to brushes and applicators etc. I've always been a 'dab it on with my finger and hope for the best' kinda girl. I did actually buy a blender from Forever 21 before Christmas - a little pink one that you might have seen on my Instagram, but in comparison to this blender, it was a crock of sh*t and very much like dabbing at my face with a pebble. This is lovely and soft and blends my makeup, rather than bruises my face.


What do you think? Have you tried a contour palette like this one before? Do you prefer cream or powder contour kits? Do you have any top contouring tips for me? 

Don't forget... Born Pretty offers free shipping on all orders - and as well as their crazy cheap prices, you can get a further 10% off anything you buy at Born Pretty [there's so much to try] by entering my code AINH10 at the checkout ... making the incredibly cheap even cheaper :}

*this post contains items that Born Pretty sent me for review. In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to make you guys aware of that. As ever, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever!
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