You may have seen on Twitter earlier that I got a bit bitter about a touching Valentine's Day gesture that kept floating past my window. Chris, whoever he is, had hired a plane to keep flying over with a huge banner trailing out behind it that said 'Happy Valentine's Day Courtney! Love Chris.'

It flew back and forth about ten times and each time I was a bit closer to being sick in my mouth. 

I will hold my hands up right now and proudly admit that I am a bitter, miserable old bag [on Valentine's Day and the other 364 days of the year] when it comes to romance and love; purely because I've been lacking in those kind of feelings for so long. I know deep down that what our Chris did for Court was a proper nice gesture, and I'm probably just jealous, as no boy I've ever known could ever be arsed to do something like that for me. Like, they can't even be arsed to stay awake. 

And I do still secretly  quite publicly hope that in reality, Chris is a massive Post Office weirdo trying to woo Courtney and that they're not sickeningly in love and about to get engaged. Cos that would be a great story. And would fit in nicely with the line my Grandma dropped yesterday, about how Valentine's Day used to just be one big joke, rather than all this soppy stuff we have these days. Grandma - you are my hero.

Anyway, I guess as Valentine's Day is about love - and all kinds of love, not just romantic love, I thought I'd bash out a quick post to spread a tiny bit of festive cheer and prove that I'm not actually evil / have some nice feelings in me, as well as sarcasm and hatred. 

Things I love / am well grateful for:
[in no particular order, just as I thought of them, like]

- Being alive
Though life can be difficult at times, I'm bloody well alive! And even though it's hard going sometimes, I'm grateful for every day I'm lucky enough to wake up. [This was probably a bit deep to kick off on, soz.]

- My health
I mean, my health isn't great. However, I know that people have it much, much worse than I do; and I try to feel grateful and appreciative for what I have, even if it's tough sometimes. I'll get there one day!

- My phone
Dead materialistic, but I'm not even arsed. I love my phone. Like I don't know where I'd be without him [yeah, my phone's a bloke. A bloke in a glittery pink hearts cover.] Mostly so I can Instagram stalk and play this Solitaire game that I'm pure addicted to, but still. That makes me happy, so it's worth a mention.

- Food
Nuff said.

- Family
I don't have the greatest relationship with my family like, but I love them all and am extremely grateful for all they do for me. The convos I have with Grandma about eggs and Poundland are incredible.

- Friends
I don't have many friends left these days either... when you can't walk for a bit after an accident and can't go out and get hammered, people sadly seem to drop off your social radar. But I'm grateful for the handful I have remaining and all the memories I have of friends past.

- Sleep

- Baths
I'd hazard a guess that I spend 60% of my free time in the tub. I'm like; part human, part fish. And I'm not even arsed.

- Music
Even the sh*ttest of times can be turned round by popping in your headphones and having a twerk around the kitchen. 

- Animals
I frigging love animals like. I can barely cope with how cute they are. I want them all as pets. One of my top Google searches is 'cute fluffy baby animals' and I'll stand by that forevs.

- Travelling / taking vacays
I have SUCH bad wanderlust. I love travelling - for me, there is no better feeling than relaxing on a hot beach somewhere around the Med. Or a boat trip with music, tanning, BBQ and beers. Minus that one I had my accident on which rendered me unable to walk for like a year lol. I love seeing the world, staying in different places. Embracing different cultures. 

Shame I can't even afford to get the bus at the moment.

- Summer / the sun
EVERYTHING is better when the sun is shining. Summer makes me insanely happy. The smells, the heat, the long nights, the bright mornings, the cute animals. I hate this Winter situation.

- Shopping
Nothing cheers me up quite like a bit of retail therapy. Beauty, fashion, cleaning or food - I just loooooooove to spend money I don't have.

- Blogging / reading other people's blogs / meeting other, amazing bloggers #InternetFriendDay
So glad I started blogging. It's given me something to focus on when I've been feeling lost and allowed me to start talking to some amazing girlies all over the country. I know that no matter what time it is, there'll always be someone online to chat to; and that feeling of community and friendship is so nice to have. Especially when my best friend in real life is probably cheese.

- TV
Watching some of my fave shows can cheer me up, no matter what. I'm guilty of loving cartoons - Spongebob, Family Guy, American Dad and South Park being big contenders in my life. I love comedies; I don't really watch anything else. BBC3 kinda shows are my life. 

- Cleaning
I F*CKING LOVE CLEANING. Pass me the bleach, lads.

- Memories 
I might not have much of a life anymore, but I have plenty of amazing memories to last me a lifetime. Namely my time at uni. Always bring a smile to my face, even if I look back at my outfits / hair / makeup and cringe.

- Brews
If in doubt, pass me a latte.

- Humour
I am a sarcastic, bitter little bugger with a fondness for puns and a very dry sense of humour. You can normally find me lolling in a corner at the sick joke that is my life - and my sense of humour / ability to see the funny side in even the worst situations is something I'm extremely grateful for and which has got me through some truly dire times. I spend about 80% of my time flying high on the roflcopter and I wouldn't change that. Ever. 


These are just a few of the things I love about / in my life rounded up. There's probably more than that - and there's definitely LOADS that I hate, but on a day that's all about love, I just thought I'd spread a bit [of love, lol.] And now I've done that, I can go back to raging / swearing / muttering abuse under my breath at all the soppy updates plastered across my social media. Get in.

Happy Valentine's Day, lads!

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