So...? are a brand who have been around for as long as I can remember. They have a fun, vibrant range of fragrances - all at very reasonable prices [which is a MASSIVE plus in my books.] Many a minute of my time was spent spraying tester bottles of So...? in Superdrug when I was younger, so we could strut off round the Manchester Arndale smelling hawt. 

Back in the day, I used to be full on addicted to 'So...? Desirable' and 'So...? Kiss Me' - the smell of which now instantly transports me back to summer and memories past. Isn't it funny how perfumes can do that? A fragrance is so more than just a pleasant aroma that lingers around you; it's something which can instantly remind you of people [and people of you!], places, nights out, parties, clubs and holidays past. Which makes picking a new one really fun.

Everyone has their 'signature scent' - their 'go-to' perfume - but this year, I want to change my life up. No more sticking to the tried-and-tested. I want to make a ton more memories and really live my life to the fullest, with a fresh new scent to accompany me through these adventures. And So...? very kindly sent me two new fragrances, so I can do just that. 

I was sent 'So...? Burlesque' and 'So...? Rio' - both gorgeous fragrances in equally fab packaging. They are two very different fragrances, which have inspired me to put together two different looks for this #MyATTITUDE collaboration; night vs day.

So...? Burlesque*

EDT £5.99 (30ml), £9.95 (50ml)

BODY FRAGRANCE £1.99 (75ml)

"With just one spritz, a sweet and fruity melody of mandarin, blackcurrant and apricot is released and begins to marry with show-stopping heart notes of sultry orange flower, jasmine and rose. Base notes of warming vanilla, amber and a hint of patchouli deliver a powerful and evocative fragrance with staying power right throughout the evening."

really love this perfume. True to its name, it smells musky, mysterious and seductive - a bit of a heavier scent; perfect for evening wear / NIGHT. Not just that - the fragrance also lasts for ages [winner] - I hate it when you wear a perfume that you can't smell after an hour or two, especially on a night out. It smells a little similar to one of the YSL perfumes [can't remember which one - one in a purple bottle I think] but at a fraction of the priceI HEART IT SO MUCH.

So...? Rio*

BODY FRAGRANCE, 75ml £1.99 - Available in Asda, Superdrug & Tesco
EAU DE TOILETTE, 50ml £9.99 - Available exclusively from Boots stores nationwide

"So...? Rio reflects the vibrancy of the sun soaked city. It has zesty top notes of pineapple, mango and melon. Its tropical heart notes of hibiscus dance on the nose before settling into a fragrance that is both enigmatic & exotic."

This scent is legit perfect for summer DAYs. Spraying it for the first time brought up all kinds of nostalgic feels and reminded me of some of my favourite fragrances, products and life experiences. It's sweet, fruity and in a bottle as tropical as it smells. It's the perfect scent to accompany summer sunshine - a great holiday fragrance. I'd purchase this perfume to take on vacay with me; for sure.


And there you have it - come rain or shine, night or day - I have two new fragrances perfect to step up to the occasion. Bring on the Summer '16 memories!

The So...? Eau de Toilette and Body Fragrance range is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Bodycare, Wilkinson and Savers &

Have you tried any So...? fragrances? What's your go-to fragrance for summer?

*This post contains items I was very kindly gifted by So...? for the purpose of review. As ever though, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever.
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