My nail polish never lasts for long. It chips like a mo-fo, no matter how hard I try with it. Even when I got a proper Shellac done that one time, at the strange little salon up the road. 

My nails are brittle as hell - and more flakey than I am at the moment [soz all friends and humans that know me.] But it's just something I have to deal with. Fun fact - I'm 27 years young, but legit have the bones of like, an 80 year old woman; as about a year ago, I was diagnosed with Oesteoporosis [which was a barrel of laughs like.] So not only are my nails brittle as hell, but my bones are pretty sh*t too. LOLZ. Anyway, I guess in reality, there's nothing really that will ever truly put an end to the chipping saga which is my life, as I was [unfortunately] born this way. But this babe of a top coat bloody well helps redeem this - so I wanted to share it with you guys, as part of my Things I Proper Love series. 

I proper heart this stuff. It legit makes my manicure last so much longer, and adds a gorgeous, glossy shine to any polish you apply it over. Also, if you cock your nail polish up a bit [#SmudgeCity] and wazz a bit of this over the top - it smoothes out your mistakes and makes you look like a proper, functioning adult who can actually apply nail polish [smoothly hiding when I've fallen asleep mid application and stuck my wet talons to the duvet for that oh-so-sexy fabric-y imprint.

It also dries proper quick, which is ideal as I'm impatient as hell [as well as prone to nodding off and ruining my bedding / nails / life.] I think this Bourjois 3D Gel Top Coat retails at about £5.99 - £6.99 [which isn't too bad, in my books like] and you can get it from a whole host of high street chains - Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda - even Very and Littlewoods for those of you [like myself] who have to put 90% of your purchases on credit [#PoorFoLyfe.]


What's your go-to topcoat? Have you tried this one before? How do you take care of your nails and ensure your polish lasts the test of time? I'm in dire need of some tips here, like!

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