If there's one thing I love, it's a good list. I'm forever planning, listing and scrawling down the mad rambles that populate my brain. I hastily jot things down on the backs of envelopes [the one good thing about getting sh*t loads of bills through the door each month], on the notes on my phone and I draft-compose the living crap out of my email account. 

Up until now; my lists, plans and feeble excuse of a bullet journal have been ugly as hell. Pure scribbles where I've changed my mind, scruffy arse handwriting and my plans for the month have been somewhat scattered throughout a mix of a mad pile of half opened envelopes, my diary, laptop and phone.

It got to the stage where I needed a list, to organise my lists. But not the bog standard, crazy listing system that was failing me - I decided that I needed to create a planner to look pretty and inviting; to efficiently organise my life and to motivate me to do actual human things rather than make me do a little sick in my mouth [like the current system.]

So out came mr credit card [other bae] and off online shopping we went. We didn't have to look far - I knew exactly where we were headed. I'd been perving on our Jemma's [Dorkface blog] Etsy Store extensively since she announced the arrival of stickers. And it was time. Brace yourself to witness the fitness. Planning never looked so good.

How fab?! Can you cope with how cute these stickers are?! Cos I can't. I am legit well excited to start a proper planner like a functioning adult and plaster these bad boys ON EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Obv you know I proper heart our Jem anyway like [she designed my blog's header & blog button way back when] but I also truly heart supporting small businesses and helping other people achieve their dreams; which makes this purchase doubly meaningful.

Aww, how much of a babe is she, please?!

I am now totes inspired to get my plan on - I've even got the old gel pens at the ready! I'll let you know how I get on and might even share a few pages with you lovely lot. I could do with a little help though - does anyone have any Bullet Journal blog posts you could link me to?

If you love these stickers as much as I do, you can find them here [The Planner sticker pack, £6] in Jemma's Etsy Store. I won't lie, I'm pretty obsessed with the Girly Princess sticker pack too, so expect more over-excited tweets and instagram photos soon!


Where do you get your Bullet Journal / Scrapbooking stickers from?  What does your planner look like, and how do you keep it motivational?

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