For the past 6 years [#loyal] I've been taking regular holidays to St Moriz. There's nothing quite like sashaying into the office on a Monday morning, glowing like a pure bronzed goddess [or yeno, just looking a bit tanned. Might be getting a bit carried away here - I can hardly describe myself as being a goddess when 99.99% of the time, I haven't brushed my hair, live in sweatpants and swear like there's no tomorrow.] 

I try to visit St Moriz once a week, sometimes twice if there's a chance I'll see other humans [especially fit ones.] 

I remember when I first learned of the wonders of St Moriz. My mate Dawn strolled into work one morning before a night out, about 8 skintones darker than the last time I'd seen her. As a Sun Shimmer kinda girl [at the time], I was hella confused as to how she'd achieved this glorious feat; with no streaks or dots where the rain had hit her skin on the way in [cheers Rimmel - in most of my uni night out photos, I legit look like a leopard thanks to Sun Shimmer!] It was then she told me.

'Head off to St Moriz. £3.99 a bottle from Home Bargains.' 

And my life changed forever. I personally find St Moriz to be the easiest, least streaky and most even fake tan to ever grace this planet. And obv, like everything I love the most - it's a proper, proper bargain [they stock it in like, Boots, B&M, Home Bargains and Tesco - all for wayyyyy cheap.]

For an instant tan, this is legit the only product I'll use. I don't know if you've ever tried it before, but it's actually incredible. I use the Tanning Mousse in Medium, as I am quite dark skinned / a bit on the yellow side of life [but good old St Moriz comes in tons of different formulas and alternative shades, so there's something for everyone.] SM applies with a stain, which means that you can see exactly where you've applied it so that you never miss a spot - and this also means that from the get go, you're bronzed and ready to go. 

My top tips for successfully pulling off a trip to St Moriz:

1. Always wear plastic gloves to apply it with. I didn't once, and the palms of my hands went jet black. No word of a lie. I had a full on nervy b, thinking I was going to have to ring in sick to work as there was no way I could serve customers with those mad palms. I ended up scrubbing my hands at midnight, crouched over the toilet, using Smart Price bleach. Never again.

2. If you put it on your face, mix it in with a little moisturiser to apply for best results.

3. Also, if you apply it to your face, make sure you do this AFTER you've brushed your teeth. Oh - and don't watch any weepy films / cry once you're tannng. Otherwise you'll relocate from the [faux] sandy beaches of St Moriz and end up in Streak City.

4. Apply it at night, before you go to bed. The longer you leave the stain on to develop, the better your tan will be. I keep it on for pure time.

5. Once you've applied your tan, check those pesky areas that are a bit hard to reach - like the back of your thighs, up by your elbows etc, to make sure you haven't missed a spot. You can apply more St Moriz over the tan you've applied earlier to rectify the situation, but if you miss these spots out and sleep with it like this - you're in for some funny looks in the morning.


Have you tried St Moriz before? What's your go-to tanning product?

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