You may remember the last time I worked with HelloSkin [check that post out here, if you fancy it] and how impressed I was with their products, knowledge and helpfulness when it comes to helping others with skin conditions. You might have oily or dry skin - or you may have a condition such as Psoriasis or Eczema - but no matter what your issue, HelloSkin's website gives you access to professionals and a community of others who can recommend products to help you. And boy, do they stock a lot of brands!!

I had an outbreak of Psoriasis a few years ago, and I only wish this fantastic resource had been around then. I've never found such a wealth of information and helpfulness all in one place before; when it comes to this common yet somewhat life-changing condition. At the time I was affected, the woman in Boots couldn't really help me as there were very few products I could buy over the counter, and I felt like an outcast; like noone understood my condition - not even myself! I really want to help remove the stigma of talking about skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema - some people's ignorance towards the two is pretty worrying. So I'm super happy to be working with HelloSkin again; to do just that.

HelloSkin Westlab Epsom Salts Review

I've got three posts coming up for you in collaboration with these guys - highlighting different products, problems and brands that HelloSkin can help you with. I'll have this post [for chronic pain], a post for oily skin and one for extremely dry skin, too. These are all issues I deal with on a daily basis, so I felt like the perfect guinea pig for the job; haha. Keep your eyes peeled for these over the next couple of weeks; why not follow my Bloglovin' so you never miss out on a post?

HelloSkin Westlab Epsom Salts Review

Unfortunately, recently I've been suffering with horrendous pain in my back, hip and knee [following the surgery I had on my hip joint in 2014.] It's weird, it'll go through phases where it's back to normal and I don't have any pain at all; but for the past few months, the pain has been some kind of a sick joke. Daily. 

Some days, I've been struggling to walk; all the tendons and muscles around the area just feel so stiff and weak. It sucks ass. And as I have hyper-mobile joints, even the non-broken can sometimes get a bit achey from time-to-time too - I'm clearly living the dream. But these Westlab Epsom Salts from HelloSkin have been providing me with masses of relief after a long day, soldiering on and waddling about like I've sh*t myself. So if you suffer from chronic pain, muscle strain or perhaps like to hit the gym hard, you should totes see this.

HelloSkin Westlab Epsom Salts Review

Epsom Salts have been used for their health-giving properties for hundreds of years. They're nothing new - but something I hadn't tried for pain relief purposes before. I've used scented bath salts prior to this experience [yeno, the ones that turn your bath water pink], but the more I read about Epsom Salts, the more ideal they sounded for my pain probs.

Epsom Salts are well-known as a bath additive to help relax tired muscles and recover after sport and exercise. They're supposed to draw the pain and impurities out of your system; making them incredibly useful for chronic pain sufferers like me - or for those who go a bit west at the gym. They're not a one trick pony by any means either - they can also help with dry skin, sunburn or insect bites.

HelloSkin Westlab Epsom Salts Review

The Magnesium Sulphate ingredient found in Westlab Epsom Salts is a naturally occuring substance; which creates a soothing and detoxifying bath [be this a full body bath or a foot bath] that aids general skill health and wellbeing. Westlab's salts are pure, pharmaceutical grade standard; with no additives or fragrance. So if you have sensitive skin, they won't cause you to flare up.

Even the smaller bag of salts [1kg] is pure massive, making it super good value. I've definitely seen an overall improvement in my skin since incorporating this product into my daily bath routine; it's much softer, hydrated and any rogue patches of dry skin are pretty much banished. Adding a generous sprinkle of these salts to a hot bath after work has also worked wonders in terms of easing my pain. My back always feels easier and my joints feel looser and less stiff after soaking in this Epsom Salt goodness for a while.

HelloSkin Westlab Epsom Salts Review

Granted, bath salts can't provide a permanent solution for chronic pain - but for a few blissful hours after my soak, they definitely help. The first time I used these Epsom Salts, I felt like a whole new woman when I got out of the tub haha - the pain was legit gone! I rang my Mum in amazement to tell her - which I think is a fine testament to how great they are. 

I'd definitely recommend trying these Epsom Salts if you have dry, irritable skin or suffer with muscle pain / fatigue. I've literally found them that useful, that I've finished the whole bag - and at 1kg, it was a beast! I'm also keen to try more of Westlab's products, as they're not a brand I've heard of before but have been very impressed by. Have you tried any of their products before?

HelloSkin Westlab Epsom Salts Review

Remember to keep an eye out for my next two posts with HelloSkin - I'll be trying out a little something from La Roche-Posay [a brand you'll know I love] and Aveeno skincare. And if you can't wait to find out more in the meantime, head to HelloSkin's website and check out their fantastic range of brands, offers and products. 

Oh and did I mention that you can enter code HELLONIKKI2 at the checkout for 10% off!! 10% off La Roche-Posay? DON'T MIND IF I DO!

*This post contains a gifted item, sent for the purpose of review. But all opinions are totes my own and totes honest
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