You know that feeling you get sometimes, when you think you've lost your phone? That overwhelming wave of panic & 'what ifs?' accompanied with you madly patting all your pockets and frantically searching through your bag; only to find that you've been sat on it all along? Yeah, that. It's not nice, is it? 

Or maybe you're more familiar with that horrific sense of fear you get when you can't find the house-keys and the little voice in your head taunts you with the idea that you might have left them in the frontdoor and you have a breakdown until you find them in the inside pocket of your bag?

These things happen to me more than I'd care to admit - I'm forever misplacing my keys and phone and always assuming the worst - that I've put it in the washing machine, that I've put them in the bin outside, that I've left them in the back of a taxi... it seems the older I've got, the more 'senior moments' I've been having when it comes to losing my possessions. But this INCREDIBLE piece of tech from Xupo has got my back - and has legit changed my life too.

Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review

Meet #MyXupo*, the cleverest little thing I've ever had the pleasure of owning. You may have seen me get a bit overemotional about this fab piece of tech over on my Instagram - but if not, brace yourself for the genius that is to come. You'll soon see why it's changed my life - and you can win yourself one too, at the bottom of this post!

Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review

As seen on Dragon's Den, Xupo is a sleek, minimal, GENIUS piece of bluetooth technology for use with iPhone [and is coming to Android soon, too.] Pop a Xupo on the things and never lose them again! This teensy piece of tech is a serious game changer and something which is infinitely useful to me in my forgetful life.

If you can't find something, don't lose your head - or the things you love. With the Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker, you can locate anything with your smartphone; by simply tapping to find your Xupo.

- Stop wasting time looking for your phone - you can call it with your Xupo and find it in seconds

- [coming soon] With the Xupo app you can check the last seen location of the item you've lost, and extend your search with the Xupo community; should you need to. The app records a GPS time stamp when an item goes missing, to help you.

- [coming soon] Take the perfect selfie or group photo with your Xupo. Click it to snap awesome shots: handsfree.

Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review

It's tiny, discreet and potentially a lifesaver for those of us who are prone to losing things! To use it, all you need to do is download the Xupo app from the App Store and set it up; which is so easy to do!

Give your Xupo a name [I've called mine Keys, so I know what I'm searching for] and pop in a couple of details and you're good to go. Xupo's app and website are clean, modern, intuitive and easy to navigate; so should you get stuck, you won't have to look far to get the answer.

Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review
Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review

The two most common items I misplace are my phone and my keys [I'm normally sat on them, cos I have a fat arse] so with the introduction of just one Xupo into my life, the amount of time I waste desperately searching for them [and swearing madly in my frustration] has been massively reduced. 

If there are a few items you tend to lose, you can literally just pop a Xupo on them, link them to your phone and never lose them again. 

You can have as many Xupos on the go as you need; they come in different colours to make them easy to differentiate between and you can give them all different names app too; so you know what you're searching for when you tap the screen.

Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review
Xupo Smart Bluetooth Tracker iPhone Review

I don't know how I lived life before my Xupo in all honesty - it's so, SO useful and I know a whole heap of people who could also definitely benefit from one [or five!] in their lives. It's sleek, modern, minimal, well designed and community backed - did you know that if you lose something, you can call upon other Xupo users in the area it was last mapped, to help you try to find it? This is a proper lovely feature and a definite example of how we can use technology for good; rather than all this hacking madness and trolling.

The Xupo's battery is guaranteed for one year and the unit itself comes in modern, minimal packaging. The whole experience has been literally seamless; and I can't wait for the new features [such as the selfie functionality] to be released - as a blogger, I cannot express how useful that's going to be for me!

If you're going to invest in one piece of tech this year, it has to be the Xupo. I predict really big things for this company and their technology; I'm genuinely really impressed! 

You can also enter my Giveaway using the Gleam Widget below, if you fancy winning one!  All terms and conditions can be found in the widget - good luck! 

Have you heard of the Xupo before? Would this concept be useful to you?

*This post contains an item I was gifted for the purpose of review, but as always, all over excited opinions and ramblings are 100% my own
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