Obv I'm way too poor for any of this stuff; but if money wasn't a crippling, harrowing issue for me, here's a few of the things I would most definitely be picking up from Cult Beauty this month. If anyone fancies doing me some kind of PR Request deal with these lil beauts or becoming my Sugar Daddy who I wouldn't actually have to communicate with, these things would be gladly received xo

In no real order as I'm terrible at organising my life, finances and - it seems - blog stuff, let's run through the bits that've caught my eye & made the cut for August 2018.

I'm all over dat sparkle like Meghan Markle tbh, huns. It's bright pink. It's glittery. It's 90s af. And it pretty much has to be mine; for all those reasons & more.

I first saw, gasped & pretty much gazmed over this glimmer when photos of it were sent out to me an in email from Cult the other week. It's beautiful. It looks proper blindin' once its on; fresh, shimmery & pearlescent. I don't think I've ever needed a highlighter more.

Yes, I know this is massively gimmicky and literally the exact same as the regular Better Than Sex Mascara; but that glittery birthday packaging is giving me pure life.

Do I need more makeup brushes? No, tbh hun. But these ones are so bloody beaut they've captured my heart, regardless of that whopper of a pricetag. And of course, like 90% of the picks in this post: glitter.

I'd have to remortgage the family home I think to justify paying almost £10 per single pan of eyeshadow  / this palette. But it's one of the most insanely pretty quads I think I've ever seen; and when I've watched Charlotte's videos of people creating looks using these lil palettes, they look like perfection itself. So naturally, my rancid / terrifying face needs this improvement on and around it asap.

Again, the cost of this sh*t is daylight actual robbery and I can't cope / am glad I'm sitting down, or I'd be on me arse seeing pricetags like that. But it's so, so pretty.

In similar news, this blusher is absolute perfection and one of those must have, coveted Insta makeup bits that seals the deal when nailing ya latest flatlay. I initially thought 'Ey lmao £20 ain't too bad for something Hourglass' ... before realising that this is indeed for the teeny tiny travel sized version. And the value for money is restored. 

But yolo. She's hot

Becca Be A Light Face Palette in Light to Medium, £35
Wow. Becca pls. This palette is so intensely beautiful that I think I need it immediately please. Becca highlighters are some of my favourites of all time ever and so to have this stunning collection of them in my life would be pretty much goals secured.

TooFaced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Blinded By The Light, £25
I've wanted one of these highlighters in my life for at least 6 months now; after stalking them on Instagram pretty intently. Even if in reality it ended up being a crock of sh*t, it's so, SO stunning that'd be with it just for the 'Gram opps.

It's the same with this tbh. I've nearly ordered this so many times in my tragic, uncontrollable existence purely because of its aesthetic & how much I want it all over my grid [as well as face.] Absolute packaging goals.

NOPE. I can't even cope with how beautiful this palette is. THOSE PINKS 💖 This is one of those creations that I 100%, categorically can NOT afford, but will no doubt end up ordering come payday. That top row.

LOLOLOLOL at that pricetag. Also LOL and simultaneously despair that I do not need a roller. I'm not even confident how to use one. I'm purely thinking of the 'Gram here.

What do you think of this month's picks? Have you already splurged & picked up any? Can anyone shed any light on what the friggin' hell  those rollers do, except from look HOT on a flatlay?
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