... here's a load of mine. Last time I posted about unpopular opinions, a troll [whose profile pic & recent uploads were all pure nudes of her - posing with shrubbery over her nips in her ma's rockery] kicked off at me on Twitter calling me boring & all kinds of delightful names [love you hun xoxo] - so here's to hoping that mad troglodyte doesn't resurface on this attempt. 

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1. Instagram lives that 'celebs' and 'reality stars' do - where they have literally nothing to say & just sit there pouting and tilting their head from side to side, are the worst things since standing in dog sh*t in flip flops.

2. I'm not arsed about Disneyland / World, whatever. It isn't somewhere I ever aspire to visit, unless I have kids... and even then, it's likely to be out of me price range. I'm too cynical & miserable for all that magical stuff... and I can't imagine ever being excited to stand next to someone dressed up in a fancy dress costume  - pretending to be a Disney princess, for a selfie. Just head into town on a Saturday night hun; the hen parties have fancy dress covered.

3. Although they're Instagrammable af with all the pink sprinkles, I rly don't like doughnuts. That pastry sh*t is all kinds of wrong- I normally just eat the sweet topping before dropping it into a bin; stat.

4. I'm bored sh*tless of unicorns now. I never liked them that much anyway, as I'm too much of a narky old bag for anything magical - but enough is enough now. All these sweaters with 'What Would A Unicorn Do?' stamped across the front can do one - a unicorn would do NOTHING hun as they DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST.

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5. I HATE THE OVERUSE OF BOOMERANGS ON INSTA. Like the odd one - fine. But when people literally post every story as a boomerang - when all they're doing is holding a bottle of foundation or something & wiggling it a bit - this the bane of my existence.

6. Continuing my Insta rage, those 'Get To Know Me' templates need to get in the sea & stay there; letting the tide wash them away. 

7. That Makeup Revolution concealer - the one that's hyped up to be comparable to Shape Tape - is dog sh*t & I genuinely don't understand how people love it so much. It made my rancid face even less bearable to the public, went patchy AF & left weird scales on me face when I used it. You can find out more about my pure hatred for it here.

8. Probs going to set the blogging community on fire with this one - but yolo. Posting stories on Insta asking 'Did You See My New Post?' with a poll to vote options like 'yes i love it' & 'no but i'll go like it now' make me want to deliberately avoid your feed. I don't know why.

9. Lush is way too expensive.

10. Yankee Candles are sh*t. Overpriced, overhyped and leave big black streaks of fire, ash & generic candle turd all over your walls.
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