I spend a fair amount of my spare time mindlessly devouring chocolate bars whilst catching up with my fav telly. My current TV isn't really up to much [it's one of those proper old, boxy ones that weighs approx 34 stone.] I've been eying up some Panasonic beauties recently; with an aim to get a high dynamic range television set-up within my life soon. But it does the job, for now! Here's a few shows I'm properly loving unwinding to at the moment.

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1. Eastenders
One of those shows that divides the nation, Eastenders has a massive place in my heart. I'm fully engrossed in it. Despite all its critics, I love the acting in EE; the characters, the important storylines it covers, the unexpected humour it surprises me with occasionally and - of course - Danny Dyer. Probably most importantly, Danny Dyer tbh. I got chatting to a taxi driver about EE the other day - and about how hard we'd both been shipping Kathy & Masood, and it was one of the most glorious moments of my adult life.

2. Family Guy
I've probably watched every episode of Family Guy ever made at least 16 times over. It's just insanely brilliant. Its my exact sense of humour and I can probably quote 95% of some of the earlier series'.

3. Friday Night Dinner
Probably one of the greatest shows ever written, Friday Night Dinner has me in stitches. It's so quotable... Shalom. I loved the first couple of series' - thought the third series got a bit far fetched, and fell hard in love with the latest one. My favourite bit ever is probably when Wilson licks the spilled food off Grandma's crotch in front of Jim & the boys... it's so funny & awkward and I just die. Oh and Mr Morris and the button factory.

Also - fun fact - I was in a lift with Jonny from the show recently [think his real name is Tom Rosenthal?] and he's a proper top bloke. Smaller than I imagined, but lovely. Would probs bang.

4. Made In Chelsea
Yes, it's got totally fake & contrived in more recent series; but I live for the gossip. I also properly love Sam Thompson & the banter between the lads on the show; they crack me up! Sam's posts on Insta where he copies Louise make me howl.

5. Hollyoaks
I don't really watch Hollyoaks these days - it all got a bit far-fetched and overdramatic. But those two points are simultaneously the reason it lures me back in occasionally; if I want terrible acting, unbelievable storylines & some top class lols, I'll whack on C4 at 6:30pm!

6. Ibiza Weekender
PLS when is this coming back to our screens?! I love this show so much. David is a literal hero, all I wanna do is rep & party like a beast unleashed when I watch the show and, most importantly, Jordan is too beautiful for my eyes to deal with. I cry with laughter at the voiceover fella too. Trashy TV done right.

7. Fresh Meat
If I want something relatable & funny AF to unwind to, I head online to 4oD and get this series on the go. I've watched every episode at least 39 times; but it's so relatable, hilarious & well scripted. I miss my uni days so much.

8. Da Ali G Show
Now this is an old-school recommendation, but the full series is on 4oD and possibly the funniest thing ever. If I'm in dire need of some laugh-out-loud, wet ya pants comedy; Sasha Baron Cohen is ma boy. Everything he does - Borat, Bruno, The Dictator and especially The Ali G Movie cracks me up; I really need to watch Grimsby.

9. The IT Crowd
A cult CLASSIC; ageless, timeless & relatable AF given that I've found myself working in the IT Sector myself over recent years [and, like Jen, don't get 99% of what's going on.] If you ever wanna dive into a series that'll have you hooked in slapstick, silly humour defo get involved. This and Peep Show are my most watched DVDs - and they're all online via 4oD; which can be streamed to ya telly.

10. The Inbetweeners
Love them or hate them, this show makes me WEE and brings back so many funny moments watching it with the gals in uni. 'MUMMY OR AMBULANCE!!'

What are your fave TV shows? Do you enjoy any of mine, or relate to the Eastenders love?!
*Collaborative post, but all opinions are totes my own xo
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