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In case you're interested [I'm always super keen to have a nosy through personal posts!] here's what my life has consisted of this week. I mean, I don't really have a life - but the shell of a life I lead has gone a little like this.

1. I went for a foot x-ray, as I've really bloody hurt it and it potench might be broken. The findings of the x-ray? Still unknown, mate - I'll know if I've been walking round on a fractured foot in 7-10 working days. SOUND

2. The creepy man in the shop saw I was cold and tried to plant a non-consensual hug on me, saying 'I'LL WARM YOU UP, BABEEEY'

3. My foot's still proper killing despite all the pain relief pills I'm poppin' - I'm limping about like I've shat myself

4. My addiction to Panda Pop has become all too real

5. Uber wise - there has been no sightings of Deaf Leslie, Crumpet Paul or Dog Sh*t Susan [you'll probably only get these references if you follow my Snapchat - love_lippy] BUT in other news, I did see my favourite Asda delivery guy

6. I caved and ordered the glitter eyeliner I've been perving on from Urban Decay 

7. This, this, this, this and this post have gone live

8. My girl Emmy is designing me a new blog header & logo, which I can't wait to share with you. I'm heading into my third year of blogging now, so I thought it was about time for a quick rebrand and refresh.

9. I, once again, have managed a full week of dodging my hairbrush

10. I found out my Postman's name is Paul.

11. I've opened my online banking, lolled / been sick  in my mouth simultaneously at how poor I am - and promptly closed it. On many an occasion.

12. I STILL haven't won the Lottery. Not even slightly. Not even a quid on a scratchie this week

13. But I did win a Twitter giveaway, for a new Mac lippy

14. Perfume wise, I've been wearing So...? Kiss Me this week, which is a nice change and a fragrance I can actually smell on myself. It also saved me from a run-in with a particularly smelly taxi driver

15. The man who took my blood at the medical centre said I've got cracking veins

16. I accidentally splurged on some all the cute blogging props from B&M

17. I've had some fab #Bloggermail deliveries this week - a few of note from Threads, Runway Rogue and Helloskin

18. Despite my addiction to hand sanitising gel - and me & Richard [from work] desperately trying to protect ourselves from germs, I think I'm getting ill

19. I finally hit 4,230 followers on Twitter. Then my follower count went back down below it again. Then back up. Then lost a few more. Oh, life!

20. My fur baby loved her Purrfectbox, though as predicted, she was more interested in sitting in it at first!

What's been going on with you this week?

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - 20 Facts About My Week Personal Post
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