It's nice to be nice, innit. So today's post - rather than rambling on about my severe levels of poverty, my obsession with cheese or the satanic hell-beast who lives in the flat above mine, is aaaaall about spreading a little love for just a few of my favourite YouTubers.

These guys are the kinda creators who, once you start watching one of their videos, cause you to fall into a deep YouTube hole and not emerge for several hours. Just all round bloody good eggs

Lovelaughslipstick - Some of my favourite YouTubers List Review

There's a mix of SmallTubers and bigggg YouTubers in this week's post - obv I can't include everyone I watch in just one post [or you'd be bored sh*tless scrolling through my endless rambles]  - so if you've not made the cut this time, I probs do still love your videos but just had to limit things. K? Feel free to link me to your channel in the comments below too, if you think I'm missing a trick - I LOVE discovering new bloggers / vloggers / creatives. And I am pretty elderly / behind the times when it comes to up and coming YouTubers.

I frigging love our girl Katy - she's the funniest, most down to earth and charismatic little bean there is. And of course, a full on stunner with ultimate #teethgoals. I love watching her vlogs so so much. And Snapchat stories. Basically, everything she does ever. I really do predict bigggg things for this girly. And she deserves them all.

I cannot even cope with how far Bex has come in such a short space of time on her YouTube channel. I adore her - and she's a proper beauty too. Funny, relatable, skilled AF in the makeup department and northern through and through, just like me. If you're wondering about what that new eye shadow palette's like, give her a Google. Her collection is legit beauty GOALS and she'll most likely have it!

These girlies are like, my favourite couple ever. I love watching both their combined channels and their individual videos too - they make the cutest duo and you can tell just by watching their videos how perfect they are together. Tackling sex positivity, mental health and a whole heap of other important issues, these beauts are bloody brilliant and hilarious in equal measure.

OMG - if you know me in real life [which none of you do yet, I'm guessing haha!] you'll know I'm obsessed with Scottish accents. Erin's is just about the best one in the world. I love her voice! Erin's content is a little different from the other YouTubers in this list, as the videos of hers I enjoy watching the most are her paranormal investigations. I find them absolutely fascinating, even if they do force me to sleep with the light on afterwards! I could spend hours watching her channel, I get so engrossed. And scared, simultaneously. 

TOTES CLICHÉ and I know I'm wayyyy too old to admit this, but I love watching Zoella's videos; especially her vlogs. Even if this is mostly for Nala. I just find her success inspiring and her cheery personality and laughing make me feel pretty positive about the overall disaster which is my life, haha.

Miranda makes me laugh till I snort and tears stream down my face. Like, imagine the ugliest laughing face you've ever seen and that's me watching her channel, haha. There's literally not a single video she's posted which hasn't reduced me to full on ROFL. And I don't use that term lightly.

Love Gabbi or hate her, I find myself getting pretty emotionally involved with her vlogs. I'm pretty much in love with Nellie [her cat] and I admire the way she talks openly about her mental health issues, her body image and the surgeries she's had. I know she has a pretty erm... interesting rep on Twitter as she seems to block a lot of people and get in pure spats, but I personally enjoy watching her channel. And her voice = unreal.

I know our Char isn't a full on YouTuber and this isn't her main thang or nuthin', but I'm obsessed with her. I find her so interesting to watch, hilarious and relatable. Plus I LOVE her accent and her pet doggies Baby and Roo are too cute for actual words to express. I honestly feel like we could be best friends in real life, she's a girl after my own heart; in and out of Geordie Shore.

Obv there's a million other YouTubers I could list here - such as Dramatic Mac, Dorkface [I HEART her Sims videos], Stephanie Brite, InTheFrow and even the fact that I secretly really enjoy Jamie Laing's videos too. But I'll save all these for another day!

Who are your favourite Youtubers to binge watch? Do you have a channel I should know about? Link me in the comments box below. You can also subscribe to mine here - I mean, it's empty right now, but I'm hoping it won't be for too much longer...
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