There's only one kinda nude I want to send or receive in my lifetime, and it's 100% not what you think. The nudes I'm talking about are 100% makeup [and 100% NOT dick pics] such as stunning lipstick shades like this one, from Mac.

I've had enough of messages from boys I used to know [as friends] years ago, leading in with a simple 'Hey, how are you?' message which [after I reply with 'I'm good thanks, you?'] suddenly turns sinister ['Yeye gd babe, send nudes.'] FACE PALM.

I'd much rather talk nude... lipsticks and nail polishes, than affairs of the wang variety. All day, err'day. Though I do also enjoy talking about the failed 'ps send nudes' requests I've received in my lifetime, with my girls [and pretty much anyone who'll listen, including Uber drivers. I have no filter / shame.]

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Mac Brave Neutral Pink Nude Satin Lipstick Review

This is Mac's Brave satin finish lipstick; which in my eyes, is the perfect nude for all occasions. It's one I'll repurchase time and time again - an absolute staple in my lip wardrobe. At £16.50, it's not the cheapest item in my lipstick closet, but in all fairness, Mac lippies do seem to last me forever, so I don't have to restock that often.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Mac Brave Neutral Pink Nude Satin Lipstick Review

It's great worn casually, on a day to day basis - it's one of those 'your-lip-colour-but-better' products. I wear it for work most days.

But it's equally as perfect for nights out, or occasions where you're repping a much heavier eye makeup look - as it doesn't detract from the statement eye you're rocking or make you look like you're an angst ridden teenager who's gone a bit OTT with your Mum's makeup collection.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Mac Brave Neutral Pink Nude Satin Lipstick Review

It's a pinky-beige colour with white pearl, which I think has a smidge of a lilacy-blue tone to it, too. It definitely makes my teeth look whiter when I wear it, which leads me to believe that it does have some kind of cool/blue undertones. 

I tend to wear this lipstick teamed with my Mac Soar lip liner; for that extra bit of definition - though it's that versatile, you could legit team it with a number of cheaper nude lip liners for the exact same look. £13.00 for a lip liner does break my soul a little bit, but Soar has lasted me for pure time too, so I'm not gonna beat myself up about it. At all.

Have you tried this shade before? It's definitely one of my all time favourites, and one so versatile that I'd recommend it to anyone looking to make their next / first Mac purchase. 

What are your favourite neutral lipstick shades? Send me nudes babes... but only when it comes to lipstick inspo, obv... ;) Please take note lads.
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