Blogger bbz rejoice - you know our obsession with all things rose gold [and marble] - the candles, ornaments, makeup brushes, home fixtures, storage baskets, nails, jewellery...? Well Skinny Tan have only gone and taken the possibilities for our love one step further and released an ACTUAL Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner* in the prettiest of packaging!

I KNOW, RIGHT?! The best news since... well, since I found that penny on the floor. But also, news with an expiry date... The Skinny Tan Rose Gold experience won't be around forever - once it's gone, this limited edition tan will be very much GONE. Make sure you get your hands on a bottle today, before it's too late. And here's a little blog post to show you exactly why this needs to happen.

Rose gold isn't just a preference; it's a lifestyle.

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

Exclusive to Superdrug, Skinny Tan's Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner takes everything we already love about the brand - the fact it's cruelty free, vegan friendly and reduces the visibility of cellulite - and adds a sprinkling of sparkly rose gold glory.

It's an industry first - and it's for a fantastic cause too [as well as giving bloggers the chance to full on embrace the rose gold life.] Skinny Tan are supporting Marie Curie for the second consecutive year to help raise money and awareness for the charity's vital work; which is a cause very close to my heart. For every product sold, £2 will be donated to Marie Curie.  

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

The formula is a lovely, rose gold, thick shimmery cream - a little like some of the instant tans I've used before. It leaves a shimmery. rose gold stain on your skin; whilst your natural looking tan develops under it. Before I applied mine, I exfoliated thoroughly using my Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt and Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer; to prep my skin.

The tan applies nicely and you can instantly see a difference. Don't worry if you notice any areas of skin where the rose gold shimmer may look darker, patchy or gathered - once you wash it off, the tan you're left with is unbelievably even and natural looking. I actually find this variant of Skinny Tan one of the easiest ones I've tried so far in terms of application.

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

I always apply my fake tan before bed, so it gives it maximum time to develop. This way, you're also less likely to accidentally get it wet; causing tell tale streaks where you've accidentally spilt that glass of water / coffee / wine all over yourself. After washing it off in the morning, I was really happy with the finish of this tan - it's glowy, natural looking and flawlessly even. And it still is, days later.

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

As I'm one of those people who prides themselves on being honest [to the extent where I should probably just shut the f up sometimes] I am going to share a slightly unfortunate tanning moment I had whilst using this tan this week. 

I happened to apply it on one of the HOTTEST NIGHTS OF THE YEAR, so I decided to wear a very lightweight long top that I throw over bikinis; which is striped with see through panels. I thought this would preserve my modesty a bit in case Paul the Postman came round unexpectedly the following morning etc and I didn't want my tan to smudge on the duvet; as I spoon it ferociously, like a feral beast. 

Long story short - I woke up in the morning to discover that I must have fell asleep on my back at some point, for quite some time. Lying pretty heavily on the general arse department. The end result? I have accidentally tanned stripes across my cheeks, like I'm part zebra. It's probably the funniest thing ever, I have an actual striped bum which funnily enough co-ordinates really well with Skinny Tan's packaging. All thanks to being a bit sweaty in a textured, striped top. 

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

The rest of my tan developed perfectly and I was SO IMPRESSED. Just my luck though that I tanned thick, distinct stripes across my entire arse department when I had an appointment with the consultant and two students on the same day, who DEFINITELY saw it when they examined me. Lololol. Damn those open back gowns!

Skinny Tan Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner Review

ANYWAY. Getting the awful vision of my stripey arse out of your mind, you should totally pick a bottle of this gorgeous Rose Gold Tanner up. It's easy to apply, bloody ROSE GOLD, lasts for 7 days and gives you a really natural glow. Even on the hands and feet. And especially on the arse!

Support a fantastic cause and a fantastic brand by shopping Skinny Tan's Limited Edition Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner exclusively at Superdrug; whilst stocks last. Marie Curie are incredible and a charity I will try and support for the rest of my life - it's amazing that buying tan can make this even easier to do and a lovely cause for Skinny Tan to be involved with.

Have you tried Skinny Tan before? Had any funny tanning stories of your own you'd like to share?

*This post contains PR samples I was gifted for the purpose of review. As always though, all opinions and arse related disaster stories are very much my own!!
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