The sun's FINALLY pulled his finger out and put his hat on - hooray! Summer is here - and now, cue the people who were moaning about it being too cold starting to moan that it's too hot, haha! Not me though, I love Summer and the sunbathing opportunities, beach days, longer nights and blue skies more than anything. Even cheese

You may also know that I love a good tan too - my idea of heaven is lying on a beach in the Mediterranean, baking away for a couple of weeks. Safely, mind - don't forget your SPF. But up until this recent, sunny burst of weather, I've had to fake it with various mousses, creams and sprays; which is pretty time consuming and admittedly, does need quite a lot of maintenance. But then along came Zhuzh! - helping me get the most of the UK rays for a deeper, natural tan - quicker.

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

These Zhuzh! products are from Ideal World and are a fantastic way to achieve your maximum tan potential, but safely; as they can be used with SPF [though the products themselves don't contain it.] 

I was more than excited when these fab products arrived on my doorstep, as aside from seeing those old wrinkly people with leather skin legit smother themselves in carrot oil; I never knew that there were products that could be used safely to accelerate your tan. And not end up looking like a walking leather handbag.

No matter what you're doing or where you are, working a little Zhuzh! into your daily skincare regime helps your skin to make the most of the daylight it's exposed to; rapidly accelerating your natural tanning rate. You might have festivals and exotic holidays planned - or you might be working to a tighter budget [like me] and just making the most of the British Summertime in the local park or in your garden - regardless, these products are Summer LIFESAVERS that'll leave you bronzed and glowing!

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review
Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator, 200ml* £15.99 - or grab a twin pack of this miracle spray for just £22.99

This little beauty RIGHT HERE is totally different to any other tanning product I've heard of or tried before. Spritz this quickly absorbed, non-greasy dreamboat of a product on and it'll work with the melanin in your skin to boost the speed of your tanning process - meaning you can spend less time in the sun and more time enjoying your surroundings.

It's such a high performance product that it's not just meant for when you're sunbathing or on holiday abroad; you can also use it in natural UK daylight and still see results! Pop it on if you're in the garden, off shopping with the girls or nipping to Tesco for some wine - it's literally a product that'll save you more time than you could ever imagine and works even harder than you do to get you that glowing complexion of dreams! 

Once you've worked it into your daily skincare regime, you'll never look back. It's truly a gamechanger. I've barely even been outside recently, but yet I've still managed to develop a bit of colour on my arms using this!

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Zhuzh! Cool Zhuzh! Spritz 100ml*, £9.99

To all of you who get a bit hot and bothered in the sun - this spray is for you! Cool down and hydrate dry, hot skin with this super refreshing mist. Containing cooling Aloe Vera and Menthol for ultimate refreshment; this handy little bottle of Spritz also boasts Shea Butter and Vitamin E to moisturise and anti-oxidise skin.

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Spritz a little of this hero product onto your body and face when you're feeling the heat and let it do it's thang - refreshing, hydrating and cooling your skin to prevent dry patches or irritation. A definite essential for handbags, beachbags and suitcases!

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Zhuzh! Tan Lock and Saver 200ml*, £15.99 - or grab a twin pack of this glorious spray for just £22.99

When you've worked hard at your tan, you know there's nothing more soul destroying than watching it fade away or peel off. Keep your glow for as long as possible by spritzing on the Zhuzh! Tan Lock and Saver. This spray gives you a super fine mist of oil, which is suitable for use on all skin types and absorbs straight into your tan. It locks in moisture, leaves your skin feeling frigging fantastic and reawakens dull patches. It's not greasy at all and it smells gorgeous.

Plus for those who also have a fondness for spending most of their days in the bath [like me] this stuff actually doubles up as a luxurious, moisturising spa bath too. Tanning and time in the tub are two of most my favourite past times ever [probably again, even more than nibbling on cheese] so this is fantastic news for my life!

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Zhuzh! The Best Of Both Tans Gradual Self Tan and Tan Accelerator, 200ml*, £15.99

This luxury daily moisturiser contains both gradual self tanning ingredients and Zhuzh!'s unique tan accelerating formula. It's seriously clever, fluffy and hydrating stuff - giving you perfect skin.

Apply it daily for soft nourished skin, a subtle [non-biscuitty or orange] glow and to accelerate your own natural tan simultaneously. FYI - There is the same amount of tan accelerator active ingredients in a 200ml tube as there is in a 200ml bottle of Tan Accelerator.

As I mentioned above, it's self tanning - but not as you [probably] know it. This classy black packaging is home to a formula which contains just a smidge of self tan, which takes a few days to develop and comes out very gradually. This leaves you disaster free [I think we've all had at least one fake tan DISASTER in our lives!] and in complete control of your tan. And whilst you're self tanning, don't forget that the tan accelerating ingredients will be boosting your natural pigment too - to promote your own deeper natural tan when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

The self tan element is very gradual. It's not designed for people who want an instant fake tan, but for people who really do want to build it gradually and work on their natural tan at the same time – perfect for people who don’t want to be white on the beach on the first day of their holiday, and then achieve a seamless transition between fake and natural colour.

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Don't forget you can grab excellent deals on the full Zhuzh! line and plenty of other beauty products at Ideal World this Summer - on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747, Freesat 812 and at

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator Collection from Ideal World Review

Have you tried anything from Zhuzh! before? What does your tanning regime consist of? Are you a natural tanner, or do you have to fake it?

*This post contains products I was gifted for the purpose of review, but as always, all opinions and that are totes my own
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