Although admittedly, I'm not great at painting my nails [as I have like, zero patience or tolerance for life these days] and also, my nails are flaky messes [cheers Vitamin D Deficiency] I do enjoy having a little pamper sesh and treating my hands to a new splash of colour from time to time. One thing that grinds my gears about most nail polishes though, is that I have to pure apply about 3 coats for an even, bright finish - during which stage, I'll probably nod off and get my wet nails stuck to the duvet; waking up with that 'textured' cotton imprint we all know and hate.

That's what makes these Roxanne Campbell Nail Polishes special and also, why they've become the new baes of my life. Their luxury formula is designed to only need one coat for effective colour pay off. And to test this theory out, I've been trialling two beaut shades from the range; Off To Jamaica* and Snow Fight*, which both retail at just £10 each [you can browse the full range of sexy shades here.]

Roxanne Campbell Luxury One Coat Nail Lacquer Review

Roxanne Campbell Luxury One Coat Nail Lacquer Review

Everything about them is luxury - not just their formula. Their packaging and branding is super striking and makes any dressing table look a million dollars. Even mine. And the one coat promise? 100% true - both of these nail polishes applied like a total dream - yes, even the white one

I have real difficulty applying white nail polish ordinarily; as they usually look streaky & gloopy AF, and need about 32 coats to actually build up a decent colour. Not with our girl Roxanne, tho. Snow Fight didn't put up a fight at all - and both polishes lasted for longer than I expected too; even on my crappy excuses for nails. In the words of my girl Gabrielle - dreams can come true.

Roxanne Campbell Luxury One Coat Nail Lacquer Review

Roxanne Campbell Luxury One Coat Nail Lacquer Review

As you can see from the images above, one coat does the job perfectly - and looks frigging fantastic, does it not? Hats off to Roxanne for perfecting a white nail polish which doesn't make me want to pull my hair out and launch the f*cker out of the nearest window - Snow Fight is definitely up there as one of the best white nail polishes I've ever had the pleasure of trying - and is one you'll be seeing a lot more of this Summer!

Both these shades are legit perfect for the warmer months and will look fantastic with a tan [regardless of whether this is natural or out of a bottle!] I'm obsessed with the bright, corally, tan enhancing Off To Jamaica - which is something I'd love to do, right about now. I secretly hope [each time I apply it] that one day, I'll get to paint my nails this shade before actually jetting off to a Jamaican Paradise. Then I remember how I'm late paying all my bills and only have Smart Price pasta in the cupboard. LOL. Can you tell how cool I am?! 

Roxanne Campbell Luxury One Coat Nail Lacquer Review

I'm super impressed with Roxanne Campbell Nails - they're definitely one to watch. I know I certainly will be, there's loads of shades in the collection which I want need to make my own and I can't wait to see this new brand grow and grow. All her products are cruelty free and not packed with pure toxins either; which is totally the icing on the cake for me in an already amazing experience.

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Have you tried any of the Roxanne Campbell collection yet? What's your favourite nail polish shade for the Summer months?

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review but as always, all opinions and inappropriate swearing is my own.
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