I love girly nights in; gossiping with friends, learning more about new beauty products to try [& max my credit cards on], having a bit of a pamper sesh and snacking. Heavily. So if you do too - and you fancy coming to a party which doesn't require you to shed your onesie or move from the sofa; you're in luck! Tomorrow [Friday 2nd June 2017]  Ideal World are hosting the ultimate Girls Night In Twitter Party - and you're invited!

The #IdealGirlsNightIn event is the perfect excuse to spend an evening chatting with other like-minded guys and gals on Twitter about all things beauty & pampering. Meet new friends, have a laugh and learn more about some of the freshest beauty products out there - all whilst curled up in front of the TV with a brew & a biscuit [or 12]. The Twitter Party will be in full swing between 7:30 - 8:30pm on Friday and the Girls Night In event will be hosted live on Ideal World's TV Channel [starting at 8] with amazing product picks and special guests! 

I honestly had no idea that Ideal World stocked such a massive range of beauty products until recently - but I've been blown away when trying their bestselling brands. 

I've been lucky enough to get my hands on some of the products you'll see during this super fun event ahead of the Twitter Party and live Ideal World TV event - and they literally redefine your usual girly sleepover standards. You'll be able to learn more about these fab products and brands during the event, but here's a quick overview / raging spoiler just for you.

Linda Lusardi Skincare*

TV Star Linda Lusardi has recently relaunched her much loved skincare range ‘My Miracle’ to include Caviar and Pearl extracts - which are great for leaving skin looking and feeling radiant. I adore the luxury look and feel of the packaging of this Caviar & Pearl Radiance Day Cream - it makes me feel like a pure film star having this sat on my dressing table. I've tried caviar skincare products before and noticed a big difference in my skin's radiance - so I can't wait to smother my face in this. 

And - the answer to one of the questions I'm asked most commonly about caviar skincare - the products don't smell like fish. AT ALL. And if you don't believe me - or have any other queries about the 'My Miracle' range, check out the live show on Ideal World TV tomorrow [which starts at 8pm] - as Linda herself will be joining our Girls Night!

GelTouch Duo of Nail Varnish, £17.99*

These nail polishes are in pretty much every photo you'll see in this post - because I LOVE them! GelTouch's two pack of pearly polishes are perfect to show off tanned hands this summer and they apply so, so well.

GelTouch Starter Kit, £34.99

CAN YOU COPE WITH THIS, OMG?! I couldn't, and still can't. This Starter Kit from GelTouch is UNREAL. The UV lamp is so beautifully designed and portable; yet feels super sturdy and high quality. You get so many accessories in the pack to help you on your mission to flawless nails - I was honestly blown away by how much you get in this Starter Kit for the price. It's going to save me SO much money on manicures. And did you even Girls Night if you didn't paint each others nails?

The amazing thing about this kit is how innovative it is - it really blows others on the market out of the water. The Top Coat included in this Starter Kit transforms ANY nail polish into a GEL in only 60 seconds! I've never seen a kit that does before - but you can see from the get-go how this will save you money! I'm super impressed - what a time to be alive! 

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator*

Now the sun has FINALLY got his hat on I can't wait to get some serious use out of this over the Summer. This isn't a fake tan product; instead it's a natural tan enhancer - and even though the weather's been considerably better recently, I still feel I'm going to need all the help I can get achieving a tan in British Summer time! I've never tried anything like this before - and I can't wait to! Help a girl out, Zhuzh!

Zhuzh! works to stimulate your skin’s natural melanin levels whenever you’re exposed to the sun. It can be used with your normal skin protection products [tan safe, guys] - you’ll just find that it speeds up your natural tanning time. With its spray on formula that’s not sticky or oily, Zhuzh! is definitely one to invest in before your Summer vacay

Ideal World are offering a Girls Night In Special Price of £19.99 for Zhuzh! and Zhuzh! Cool Spritz - or you can buy it for just £12.99 alone – their best ever price for their best girls!

If you'd like to learn more about Zhuzh! then definitely check out the live show on Ideal TV tomorrow - and keep your eyes peeled for a blog post I have coming very soon on the entire tanning range!

Liquilift Slenderwrap*

I can't WAIT to try this out. Anything that helps me tone my belly and these hips that CERTAINLY don't lie without having to work up too much of a sweat is a positive in my eyes. I've tried similar wraps in the past before and found that they've helped give me a little nudge into a fitness direction - and as I do want to tone up this Summer and actually attend the gym & use membership I pay for [lol] this will hopefully give me the motivation to get kickstarted. 

Liquilift Slenderwraps are an alternative way to lose inches from your body. They contain high grade, natural botanicals and actives that help lose inches off targeted areas of the body. AND they work to stimulate microcirculation and help improve blood flow. You can grab a four pack from Ideal World for just £24.99; which I think is fantastic value when compared to the prices I used to pay for IT Works wraps. Their wraps were over double the price and took pure ages to ship.

I hope to chat with you guys tomorrow - don't forget to join me and Ideal World on Twitter at 7:30pm. Search #IdealGirlsNightIn to find friends, fun and giggles throughout the party. 

You can watch Ideal World on Sky654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747, Freesat 812 and via livestream at www.idealworld.tv

See you there! 

*This post features products I was gifted for the purpose of review and to try out for you guys ahead of the partay - all opinions are totes my own
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