I asked a question on Twitter this week - whether anyone would like to send over any relationship, love, intercourse or dating questions they had; so I could answer them as part of my dating series. Like an Agony Aunt of sorts, but actually more like ya resident Uncle Knobhead

However, the responses to said tweet were mainly suggestions to write about 'bumholes in general', 'anal' and 'butt plugs' ... none of which are particularly flatlayable assets [shat-layable, maybe?] or rly areas of my speciality. Hahahahaha. So I'm back to my proverbial drawing board. Unless you guys genuinely want a post about bumholes and things that go up them. In which case... erm, I guess I'll have to think about an appropriate angle to broach the subject with. All the puns intended.

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This horrendously unsuccessful question I put out there on Twitter though is a genuine one - I've loved writing more personal posts about dating, romance and failed interactions with boys [and of course, my bae Horseface] and they have been some of my most popular posts... but what topics do you guys wanna see? I could write for England about how idiotic males are, about the disasters which have followed me around like the plague since stepping into the dating arena & disappointing romantic / sexy time encounters... but how is it for you, huns?

I suggested sending over questions you might like answering regarding the quest for love - or just tips for enjoying yourself as you window shop... which I think would be a pretty alright idea, like. Questions could be anonymous if you want - and you can Tweet, DM or email me them... or stick them in the comments below if you're feeling brave! 

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Or are there questions you'd like to ask me, or topics [other than the general bumhole department pls] that you'd like me to cover in my online dating posts? Ideas, experiences, dreams, advice, funny stories? I'm an open book and a bit of a knobhead when it comes to oversharing online, so feel free to fire away. Otherwise, you'll be leaving the decision of my next dating post in my hands... and who knows what slippery slope that could lead us down?! 

One idea I thought of covering is 'No, you can't move in with me and if you ask me to marry you I'll say no' - which would most likely be the title of the 'romantic' novel summarising my attitude to the love interest in my life currently; but perhaps an interesting topic to cover? Defo an alternative one like haha - and a stark contrast to all the engagement posts I've seen through blogging recently [tho fairplay to all you baes who've found decent human specimens to put a ring on and enjoy forevs.] 

Regardless of where you're at in your quest for love - online dating, seeing someone, happily single, not arsed or in coupled up bliss [or maybe if you're in a relationship you're sick to the back teeth of] it'd be dead boss to hear your thoughts on what kinda love related posts you enjoy reading. Cos I do intend to write many, many more tbh!
*Sponsored post. But an honest, all opinions and writing is my own kinda spon.
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