Here I am again, window shopping like a beast unleashed. Or more accurately as I very rarely venture outside, madly scrolling the internet and adding everything to basket; before weeping that I can't afford any of it and googling 'UK Sugar Daddies who want nothing in return.' Life. Definitely living my [ironic] best one.

Today's wishlist features a whole load of goodies I've been perving on on Beauty Bay. As always, like the mad beg that I've found myself becoming, any kind hearted sugar daddies out there are welcome to treat me to it. Provided you don't actually want me to ever speak or interact with you, cos ceebs with social interaction & blokes these days. Ta xox

I have perved, wept and pretty much jizzed over this palette for at least the last two months. She's so, so beautiful; a pink & warm toned dream. Just think of the flatlays. Think of my face with this all over it, and how it will no longer burn your retinas [as much.] 

I love the shape of these and the fluffy, wispy looking finish to each lash. I've not heard of Rincon before - and the pricetag does make me wince a bit... but it's nothing compared to the likes of Lilly Lashes & at least they're not using mink.

I've got proper into Glycolic Acid skincare solutions recently. OBV Pixi Beauty's Glow Tonic is absolute bae and a must have in everyone's lives - but this one I've been trying from REN recently is also queen. For £6.75 and in a bottle that 'Grammable, I can't help but be intrigued.

One of my biggest downfalls at the moment is pretty much anything with glitter. These super cute eyeshadow brushes from Skinny Dip need to be on my dresser & in all my forthcoming flatlays immediately pls, fictional sugar daddy. Also 10/10 pun usage in the name.

If Friday Faye was a skincare brand & jibbed off Fridays for Saturdays: she'd be this one. How gorgeous is Saturday Skin's packaging & aesthetic pls? The products just look like they'd be incredible & super hydrating - they sorta remind me of Glossier? And if all else fails, they'd suit my pink Insta theme perfectly; so £50 well invested there. Honest Natwest. Swear down & that.

OMG GLITTER OVERLOAD yes, please & thank you. How insane are these glosses? Fluke in particular looks bomb af and I can't cope. The packaging is almost as erotic as the range of shades available. Get ur credit card out, anonymous internet donor; I need them all xoxo

This post has rapidly become dedicated to Lime Crime hasn't it. BUT OMG. Those colours. These palettes. Just think how blindin' my face would be with these bad boys smeared all over it. And for once, I mean blindin' in a good sense.

Not gonna lie, I don't really know who this chick is, or why her social handle is like dis. I think I follow her as like, a blogger default? But anyway. Despite these not being my usual choice in lip colour, I'm pretty madly in love with them. Send nudes - just these ones though.

Have you been lucky enough to try any of these products before? Anything here caught your eye? Any kind internet sponsors wanna sort a gal out?! 
*As with all posts on this blog, affiliate links may be used. If you're worried or arsed about what this means, pls see my Disclaimer xox
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