There are a few babes in Bloggertown who I couldn't cope without. 

During the times when you simply can't cope, the times your [now EX] boss is a total chode, the times you're having an irrational weep and the times when you want to create a plot to rid the earth of all males & replace them with cats... they're always there. Sending memes, screenshots & general bantz in the groupchat - or tagging you in weird pennis / annüs themed videos on Twitter.

This is my first post singing my adoration for dese hotties; in a multiple part series that professes my love. Cos a] there's a lot of proper worldies I class as me mates these days and 2] cos it's nice to be nice. Especially when being nice might lead to being sent a few cheeky nudes... and my gals DELIVER 😍 [pls, males don't read that and think it applies to you. Cos being nice will not get you nudes or in fact anywhere with me. Thnx xox]

My favourite bloggers 2018 part one, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Right, in no particular order, let's do dis. I highly recommend you follow these absolute qweens if you don't already; as they're 10/10s, funny AF, write cracking content and have pyar bangin' photography skillz. And racks xo


Kally Kardashian [aka Cally O'Neill] is my meme QWEEN. She's very makeup mad and her sense of humour is ridiculously like mine. Neither of us seemingly ever go to sleep and we're always the last ones awake in the groupchat... well - me, Kally and Clive Borls. She also stans Mr Bean rly, rly hard. And has a cracking peachy bum.

Cally's Blog // Cally's Twitter // Cally's Insta 


KT [aka Katie Middleton] is hands down one of the funniest, kindest and filthiest bloggers I've ever met - and I love her for it. She doesn't have many cats at all [only 3, I tell her daily she should get more] and her fella Kayne very rarely has his name mixed up with Kanye's; so you should definitely tell her about that. Also her eyebrows are legit BANGIN. A great sender of nudes, 10/10.

OH and she's totes pregnant right now. Rumours are that the baby is Clive's. I couldn't possibly pass comment at this time.

Katies' Blog // Katie's Twitter // Katie's Insta

G Bear

My gal [Gweni] doesn't blog that much anymore as she's currently a slave to da law [as in that's her career, she's not in jail 😂] but she's still one of the absolute qweens of me heart & a fantastic content creator in her own right. With an amazing rack. Her videos on Trich are friggin' incredible and her welsh accent is ded hot.

Gweni's Blog // Gweni's Twitter // Gweni's Insta

Friday Faye

Friday Faye is a precious pink angel who we firmly believe farts perfume & glitter and poos roses & unicorns. Her photography work is legit INSANE and I'm so happy she's posting more photos of her gorgeous face these days because she's a worldie. She's a bit tight with nudes 😪. But we love her - and her cats - loads anyway. She properly loves Fridays and her fella loves Saturdays. Friday Faye and Saturday Stu.

She once told Clive Balls to get back in the cupboard and that shut him right up. Rumour has it they're having a secret affair. But again, I couldn't possibly comment.

Faye's Blog // Faye's Twitter // Faye's Insta


LP [aka Leanne Page] was the very lucky recipient of my Secret Santa gift last year. I rly hope her and Mr Husband enjoyed the framed photo and ring. She's smashing Instagram with her bangin' videos and erotic face, and her makeup collection is legit inSANE. She makes beautiful babies, just a shame she won't make them with me.

Leanne's Blog // Leanne's Twitter // Leanne's Insta


Caitlin is one of the sweetest gals I know. With abso bangin' chebs. She's not blogging that much these days [which makes me sad cos her content & pics are proper fit] and she's somehow managed to move to bloody Boston without coming over to give me a squeeze... but I will get you on your return to the UK Caitlin. Me and Ballsy. I need to see updated pics of Boston the kitty soon too, pls hun xo

Caitlin's Twitter // Caitlin's Insta


Finally I bring you Emoly [or Emily Jessica as she's known in other circles, for some reason.] Emoly doesn't blog [even though we tell her everyday that she should] but my werd she's good at makeup. And she lives with some of the floofiest kitties you'll ever see. And has a proper hot bod

She's buying a house at the moment and the process is proper p*ssing her off; so if you send her some love I'm sure she'll very much appreciate it at this crappy time.

Emily's Twitter // Emily's Insta

Are you following ma gals? Definitely check them out; they're a proper bunch of worldies & a few of my closest blogging friends. 

Part two of the blogger baes I couldn't cope without round-up will hit down in blogtown next week; featuring lil hotties such as Chloe, Alice and Issy... and more nude likelihood rankings from 1-10 xo
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