I love doing tag posts, and I love reading them and being true to the nosy b*stard that I am even more. My beaut girly Lyd [who writes over on her WhatLydDid blog] put together this beast - the Tell Me More tag, and I was as game as a badger to get involved and [as the name suggests] tell you guys more. So here goes!

Lovelaughslipstick Blog does The Tell Me More Tag

What’s the story behind your blog name?
I'd love to pretend there was loads of thought and consideration gone into it, but there wasn't. I just liked it. Soz hahaha I am insanely basic. I guess the fact that it mentions love and laughs in there [alongside the lipstick, obv] doesn't restrict or limit me in what I can write about, so that was good work by past-me.

What’s your real reason for blogging?
I started blogging after an accident, where I was bed-bound recovering from surgery. Just as something to do, really. Now I've realised it's encouraged me to get into my love of photography and writing again, as well as helping me develop marketing skills and contacts to boost my career prospects. And I also love memes. So I'm just having a right good time.

The best thing about blogging?
Memes, the group chat, the friends I've made, the products & brands I've discovered and the opportunities it's brought me. 

The worst thing about blogging?
Those knobheads who follow / unfollow.

Proudest moment so far?
Dunno rly, I always buzz off my tits when a brand regrams me?

What are your ultimate blogging goals? Don’t be shy!
I'd love to do this whole blogging thing on a more permanent, more regular basis - going to events, meeting new people, trying cool products and living the kinda life I dream of. I love people, I love chatting, I love photography, I love social media, I love writing ... it's all my fav things in one. 

If you released a book what genre would it be?
Non-fiction, comedy. Just summarising my big joke of a life - featuring dog poo, being shat on my seagulls, necking on with an old man and accidentally saying 'strap-on' to a middle aged lady at work.

If you released products what would they be? Homeware, beauty, or something unexpected?
Lol I don't think anyone would want my merchandise. Probably coffee, hamster food and comedy moustaches. Maybe some eyelashes.

What would you name your products and why?
I'd just have to name the whole collection, as it would be pretty diverse. Felt muzzys and brews aren't exactly things I can think of product names for right now. Call it the Clive Collection after my fur baby, why not.

What has blogging taught you? 
- That people will block you on Twitter and you won't know why.  Even if you ask them, they'll ignore you. But it's funny.
- That anyone who mentions a trip to LA should be avoided. Like the plague and / or dog sh*t.
- That calling people out for follow / unfollow tactics makes for fantastic entertainment.

Sum up your blog in three words
Love, Laughs, Lipstick

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