Although Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year; it doesn't half tire you out. Well, it does to me anyway... but maybe that's just a tell-tale sign that I'm getting old & edging that little bit further through my fossilisation process. 

Shopping, wrapping, eating, cleaning, cooking, drinking, eating a bit more and office parties can quickly take their toll on your energy levels - and after a big night with the girls from the office throwing some serious shapes to Gangnam Style, your muscles might be a bit achey too. And that's where Buff Bodycare come into their own - well, for rectifying all that and also in that their Gift Boxes and this Body Oils Gift Collection Set* [RRP £24.00] make gorgeous Xmas gifts.

I first stumbled across Buff Bodycare's luxurious body oils via Dollibox. And although Dollibox's days are over [devoed] my love for this 100 % natural luxury skin care brand - who hand make all their products & package them in eco-friendly outers, burns forever strong

Buff produce 100 % natural products; each packed full of rich,  pure plant oils & minerals and oozing wellness benefits for body & mind. The range consists of five stunning scents which awaken, revive & restore; nourishing skin and feeding our senses from morning to night. 

This independent, natural and eco-conscious British brand donate 2% of their profits to the Marine Conservation Society - meaning that by shopping with them this Christmas, you can be sure your money is going to a good cause. Cos we've all cried over Blue Planet, right? Their amber glass bottles [with recycled aluminium lids and easy peel recyclable labels] ensure that their carbon footprint is minimised and doesn't impact negatively on marine life.

This Body Oils Gift Collection set contains five super cute 15 ml bottles of unique Buff Blend Body Oils; to feed your skin and nourish your senses. It's cute, eco-friendly, luxurious and the perfect Gift Idea, Treat [to yourself, obv] or Stocking Stuffer for Christmas 2017. These mini yet babein' bottles are great to take on your travels with you - and make great Stocking Filler bits; allowing your nearest & dearest [even if that's just you and you decide to keep all 5 to yourself... no judgement here, gang!] to sample Buff's body oils in all five statement scents.

Each bottle is filled to the brim with passion, sensual aroma and a light, nourishing blend of Coconut, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Apricot Kernal & Vitamin E Oils.

The blends you'll get in this sumptuous set are:

- The BUFF UP Morning Blend : Which boasts uplifting & refreshing essential oils of Lemon Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Rosemary & Cedarwood. Zingy, fresh and wakes your senses up.

- The BUFF BODY Post Work Out Blend : Packed full of essential oils of toning Cypress, detoxifying Juniper Berry, soothing Lavender & Cedarwood. Lovely for aching, tired muscles; super effective at soothing post dancefloor aches & pains.

- The BUFF NUIT Evening Blend : A lovely, rich blend of essential oils boasting warming Ginger, Palma Rosa, Patchouli & sensuous Sandalwood.

- The BUFF NAKED Sensual Blend : The smell of which is one of my faves from the set. This sensual oil contains tension relieving Clary Sage, sensual Rosewood, exotic Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood.

- The BUFF MAMA Gentle Blend : Which sounds legit perfect for me right now, as I sit and type up this post at 2:12am haha - a blend containing essential oils of anxiety & tension relieving*Mandarin, calming & sleep enhancing *Lavender and peace inducing *Frankincense.

*All Oils in safe quantity for use during pregnancy from 2nd trimester & whilst breastfeeding.

I love supporting smaller, independent brands & businesses - particularly around Christmas and especially when they take such a pro-active approach to nature & marine conservation; with natural & cruelty free products like Buff. This enjoyment is heightened even more so when I know a product works, is enjoyable & worth the splurge - which I can confirm that this set definitely is

It's cute, thoughtful, eco-friendly & a total mood enhancing gift with the expertly blended natural ingredients selected & processed by Buff working to make even the most meh Monday seem like the perfect opportunity to get up and smash them goals! I can't wait to slip a couple of these little bottles into a bundle for my little Mum this Chrimbo... but the majority are staying in my possession; especially the Post Work-Out Blend! It legit helps soothe my aching muscles and tired bones so much & is somewhat of a gamechanger if I strain something putting the dishes away or sorting through the recycling box. Told ya - the fossilisation process is strong for me rn; send help!!

Have you ever tried anything from Buff Bodycare before? Which of these blends do you like the sound of the most?
*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review, but all opinions are totes my own.
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