Alphabet dating. You ever tried it? No, it's not dating / banging your way through from Adam - Zachary [or Amy to Zara] you filthy scoundrel [though yeno, that could potentially be fun]  ... or some pure wild sex game. It's something you can do at any stage of a relationship - perhaps when you're first dating, or even to spice things up a little if you're in a longer term situation. Again, this doesn't mean sex wise [unless you want it to, of course] no matter how risqué this prelude may sound.

No, alphabet dating is something as innocent and pure as picking a new date night idea every week / couple of weeks / a month; the first idea being an activity that begins with an 'A' and the last obv beginning with a 'Z.' Although, there are obviously several sexy activities that spring to mind straight away for 'A' thanks to the utter filth we chat in the girls' group chat... so if you wanna kick off your activities with Anal then go wild. Within bumhole reason.

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Here's a few ideas for ya, to inspire you with your very own A-Z of Date Night Ideas. Another fun twist with alphabet dating can be alternating between who picks; so the first person picks the 'A' activity and then the second person in the couple picks the 'B' and so on. So that both people in the relationship get a choice & the pressure of deciding is split equally between you both!

A : Art Gallery, Hot Air Balloon, Aberdeen, Anal, Animal Rescue Centre, Adopt a Pet, Archery ... or maybe a nice restaurant or bar that begins with A [this idea applies to all the letters, if you get stuck]

B : Build A Bear, Butlins, Belfast, Bury [do it], Bumming, Blow job, Burgers, Brussels, Bike Ride, Ballet, Blackpool, Beach, Borat, Burritos 

C : Chicken Nuggets, Cheese, Café, Cat Café, Chester, Chess, Croatia, Cuddles, Cardiff, Casino, Cheeky Nandos, Castle, Coast, Chinese Food, Cinema

D : Dog Walk, Dog Stalking, Dundee, A Drive, Drive Through Cinema, DVD Night, Dancing, Life Drawing, Darts

E : Scrambled Eggs, Edinburgh, Elephants at the Zoo, Other variants of Eggs, EAT for Lunch, Exeter, English Breakfast, Eiffel Tower

F : Fishing, Fish / Seafood Night, Fly a Kite, Fart Competition, Fisting, Food Out somewhere, France, French Cuisine Night, Frisbee, Farm

G : Greggs, Mini Golf, Grimsby, Great Yarmouth, Germany, Greece, Go Ape Climbing Centre, Greek Cuisine,  Gig, Gimp Suit

H : Harry Potter World, Hotel, Harry Ramsdens, Hot Tub, Holiday Shopping, Hand Job, Haunted House

I : Ice Bar, Iceland [the place or the frozen food superstore], Illuminations, Icecream, Ice Skating, Indian Food, Italian Cuisine

J : Jelly & Icecream, Jogging, Jersey, Jumping... at the Trampoline Centre, Bungee Jump, Jet Skiing, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister

K : Kissing [a lot], Korean Food, Kite Flying, Karate, Kickboxing, Keys Cut, Kevin & Perry Go Large, Knitting

L : London, Love Honey, Liverpool, Libyan Cuisine, Love Eggs, Lazy Day, Laser Quest, Ladyboys of Bangkok, Line Dancing

M : Massage, Mexican Food, Mini Break, Morrisons, McDonalds, Museum, Movie Night, Manchester, Monkeyworld Marathon, Monkey World, Marina, Get Married, Move in Together, Make Babies

N : Netflix and Chill, Nothing to Declare Marathon [best show ever], Nudes, Nandos, Not Another Teen Movie, Nibbles [sexy or edible], Nachos, Newcastle, Next Sale

O  : Out out, Ocean, Oral, Oxford, Orange Wednesdays, Ostrich at the Zoo, 

P : Pokémon Hunting, Pie, Polish Cuisine, Preston, Picnic, Park, Porno, Pottery Making Class, Painting, Pumpkin Picking, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Paris, Pizza, Pasta, Pizza Hut

Q : Quickie, Standing in a Queue somewhere, Queen Tribute Band, Go and See the Queen's house, Drag Queen Shows, Quality Street, Quilting

R : Back Rub, Reading, Rhumba, Rhianna Gig, Rim job, Rocky Horror Show, Rock Climbing, Rollerskating, White Water Rafting, Romania, Ancient Ruins, Put a Ring on it

S : Spa Day, Skiing, Climb Mount Snowdon, Sweden, Sex, Snowboarding, Shots, See a Stand Up Comedian, Swindon, Swinging, Swimming, Sexy Underwear, Safari Park

T : Theme Park, Tapas, Thai Food, Have a Right Good Talk, The Isle of Mann, TV Binge, Sex Toys, Tequila Slammers, Tattoo Parlour

U : Uganda, Ultimate Frisbee, UK Heritage Site, Ur on Your Own With This One cos I'm Stuck 

V : Volleyball, Vegan Food, Pole Vaulting, Vauxhall Car Showroom

W : Wine Tasting, Wales, Whale Watching, Wine in General, West Kirby, Wanking, Watching Films in Bed, Wildlife Reserve

X : Be Xtra, X-rated Movies, Xylophone Music

Y : Yoga, Yacht, Something with Yarn, Anything Yellow

Z : Zorbing, Zoo, Zumba, Zizzi's, Zzzzz little nap time

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No matter where you're at in your dating story [even if you're in the no strings dating frame of mind at the moment] you can totes adapt & apply the A-Z of romance to your situation. It's definitely a bit of fun to plan with [or without] your partner - and a great icebreaker for the first few dates, when you're learning what the other person enjoys. Lets just hope they don't kick off with anal on the first date, hey!

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Have you tried alphabet dating yet? Got any ideas for the letters I struggled on? Do you like this idea or don't think it would work?

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