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My rented accommodation is furnished, meaning that I own neither it or the stuff inside it. Milennial probz - though tbf, I had no desire to be branded the owner of that rancid mattress I used to have & it's assortment of unknown stains. *Shudder* Anyway, I decided that over Christmas last year, I wanted to change that... and actually own some furniture; rather than simply being the owner of all the makeups & an extortionate amount of debt. 

I've been gradually making changes in the home, starting with my bedroom first of all; investing in budget interior decorations and furniture to make this flat that isn't technically mine, more of a home. Here's a few bits I've picked up so far - I'll do more photos when it's actually complete, like. It still looks a bit like a crackden at the moment.

Home Interiors, Budget Homeware Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Home Interiors, Budget Homeware Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've been absolutely hammering Dunelm when it comes to picking up cheap home furnishings [and blog photo props] recently. Their huge range of accessories, cushions, candles, artificial flowers and furniture - plus their totes babein' price tags, have got me shook. I've picked up lamp shades, vases, flowers and photo frames like a woman possessed from their online store. 

A couple of bits that really add some pretty, cozy touches to ma lovenest [except no lovin' happens in it, just raging powernaps & cheese consumption] are my new pink peonies - which I've stood in a £3 B&Q glass vase on the super chic [and reduced] white dressing table I got from Wayfair from Santa... and similarly, my lil Dunelm bouquet of white roses in a square vase; which I've stood on my 'oh-so-basic-blogger' Ikea Alex Drawers. All these decorations were dead cheap, but look really effective and luxurious in my new 'n' improved interior aesthetic.

Home Interiors, Budget Homeware Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

One of the bits I'm most proud of in my sudden urge to adult, is this vase type invention I made. See, I'm a bit of a bellend and I don't understand measurements or make any attempt to size things up before I order them... so in my several Dunelm hauls of late, I've accidentally ended up with about 2324 vases - ALL OF WHICH ARE THE WRONG BLOODY SIZE FOR WHAT I NEEDED. I ordered a fish bowl vase to pop ma peonies in for example, but it turned out to be a pure whopper

I decided to put my cream flower fairy lights in it, to see what they looked like ... and whaddya know, I've made a DIY lamp! Waste of money, I think not!! I picked up these fairy lights from B&M Bargains aaaages ago for about a quid; their home section is pretty immense too.

Home Interiors, Budget Homeware Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

George at Asda, Poundland, Etsy, Wilko and New Look are another few of my faves when it comes picking up affordable yet unique interior decorations - as well as my main bae eBay; of course. I picked up some of these pink & rose gold tumblers on there the other week, which I've used to store my makeup brushes  in on my dresser - and look dead bloody nice actually, if I do say so myself!

Home Interiors, Budget Homeware Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm now on a mission to find ultra glam - yet affordable - lamp shades / lanterns; particularly one for my master bedroom [aka lack-of-lovenest] to add a little flare of Insta famous sophistication / aesthetic to my interiors. Something a little like this UK made roof lantern, perhaps? I'm undecided - and I think getting a new bed is probably of a higher priority than posho lights... as as I've explained before, the previous residents of my flat really liked to 'cuddle' and as a result, it's all caved in / rickety AF / structurally unsafe. Ah, life. 

Home Interiors, Budget Homeware Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

If you're looking to refresh or change up your home interiors, there's plenty of fab stores, sales and online retailers who can help you achieve this on the cheap. Whilst still looking high end and glam AF, obv. I might whack a few other home interior posts up on the old blog over the next few weeks, to show you a little more what I mean. And to motivate me to actually clean up, purely for the blog photos!

Have you shopped at any of these places before? Where's your favourite piece of homeware from?
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