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The OG Beauty Blender - Is It Something You Need?*

I'd always been a makeup brush kinda gal when it comes to my base, until recently. I went a bit sick on Cult Beauty cos I had a 15% off discount code and zero self restraint [obv] and picked up the Beauty Blender x Toofaced Beauty Sleep Set - which I consequently professed my love for pretty strongly across me socials. And then, a bit like that manifesting theory I read about sometimes on Twitter, my baes at Beauty Blender only went and sent me the OG of blenders - their Original Beauty Blender* in bright pink [#Goals] and that was that. Love secured.

The Original Beauty Blender Bright Pink Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Original Beauty Blender Bright Pink Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've never rly liked sponge applicators until recently. Why? I'm not sure. I think it's most likely been because a] I was uneducated and using them dry [pls, what is my life] and b] I was using knock-off Nigels from Primark & some cheapo ones from China. It has become very apparent that original is best when it comes to results - no other sponges I've tried [bar my Basic Beauty Tools sponges & my Ciara Daly ones] have even come close to how effective the OG Beauty Blender is.

The Original Beauty Blender Bright Pink Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Beauty Blender's sponges have [very, very rapidly] become my go to tool to apply foundation & blend out my concealer with. They're beautifully soft, not too porous, blend like an absolute dream and they don't drag & lift makeup around as you work it in. Unlike the cheap imitation ones, which leave me looking patchy AF [rly wanted to make a Patchy the Pirate pun then, but I'll refrain, just in case yous think I'm too punny to cope with.] The blenders I've tried from them leave my face looking even, flawless [which is a minor miracle, given how grim my mug is] and with a beautifully natural - yet buildable - level of coverage; which doesn't leave my face feeling cakey.

The Original Beauty Blender Bright Pink Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

If you'd have asked me a few months ago 'Do I need a Beauty Blender girl?' I'd have probably said 'Dunno m8, I'm a brush kinda queen'... but now, I honestly couldn't cope with adult life without my lil collection of them. They work so well in applying, blending and in building coverage of my current favourite base product - the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops ... and I can't imagine ever going back to brushes when it comes to foundation ever again

And that's a strong statement, coming from me; who used to be pretty underwhelmed by blending sponges. But you know why don't ya - it's cos I was using knock off, cheapo versions, and in this case; they don't even come close to the performance of the OG Beauty Blender.  If you don't have one [or three, like me] in your stash, I can confirm that these sponges are very much something you need. Immediately.

Have you tried the Original Beauty Blender - or any of their other releases before?
*This post contains a gifted item, but my opinions are totes legit. As with all posts on this blog, affiliate links may be used - you can find out more about dis in my Disclaimer.

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