Aside from melted cheddar and copious amounts of chocolate, there is nothing I look forward to more than Summer - and the incentive / wanderlust that the slightest peep of sunshine gives me to book my next vacay. The symptoms of said travel bug are especially heightened this year for me, as I was unable to book anywhere or even leave the house for the entirety of 2017 [worst. year. EVER!] - so now I'm proper gaspin' to dip my toes in a foreign ocean & bronze up my pasty-ass skin. ASAP.

The days are getting longer, the sun is [very occasionally] getting his hat on & blessing us with a few rays and the temperature is [slowly AF] rising... if these things don't make you wanna start planning your next holiday immediately; I don't know what will! That's why I'm made up to have discovered this year; who specialise in cheap short haul holidays [e.g. to some of the sexiest lil sun-traps in Europe.] Although I'd like to travel further afield at some point, it's all a little out of my budget - so websites offering fab deals, such as this one, are ideal for me. Plus, places such as Turkey and the Greek Islands [Kefalonia, Rhodes, Mykonos etc] are some of my most favourite places in the whole world ever; and only about 4 hours away, depending on ya flight route.

All this holiday talk has got me feeling a little giddy - so I'm going to share a few of my favourite places I've been on holiday today and some other short haul destinations I'm game as a badger to visit. All of which can be explored on Holiday Gems website.


Despite everything that went down in Turkey [I'm talking the initial accident that caused me to have major surgery in hospital over there... AND that wasp that stung me in the crotch area] I absolutely adore Turkey. I've stayed in Olu Deniz [by Hisaronu / Fethiye, fly to Dalaman Airport] a couple of times and it's literally paradise. It's so green, tranquil, hot AF and the sea is the most beautiful azure blue. The food is insanely cheap, there's stray cats galore you can stroke & weep over, the 12 Island Boat Trips / Jeep Safaris are unmissable and it's a tropical, nature HAVEN. Lizards, sea turtles, wild tortoises, fish ... it's a really beautiful part of the world.


Mykonos is, hands down, the most beautifully picturesque island ever. With it's whitewashed buildings, high end shops, incredible food, blue seas and breathtaking views; it really, really stole my heart when I visited in 2016. Obv there's cats everywhere, beach bars & restaurants, incred grilled cheese sandwiches & the locals are totes friendly. The sea is a bit violent if you fancy a paddle [there's about 2312312 cruise ships always on the horizon that cause pure massive waves] but I've never been somewhere more my aesthetic in my life. Plus, there are several men who reside there that I want to marry. Including the lifeguard. Thx.


I stayed in the Kalithea area of Rhodes when I last visited, in 2013. It's a little quieter here - but there's still plenty of cocktail bars, waiters who bring you unlimited paprika crisps and transport you can get on to take you to Lindos [which is amazing, I had a sick kebab there] or Rhodes Town [where there's a proper nice Starbucks and loads of cats.] I found a really secluded little beach by the hotel which was heavenly - and had the cutest cafĂ© overlooking it [that did incredible cheese toasties.] The sea was much calmer here; so I did some snorkelling - and even went on a speedboat with a glass bottom, to have a perv on some fish!


I properly, properly want to go to Cyprus. Appaz it's a bit on the pricey side once you're there, but the food is meant to be pretty top notch - and the temperatures sound amaaaaaze. I am literally all about sun seeking when I go away; I'm like a big scaley lizard, basking in the sun.


Namely the south coast [the Campania area, maybe?] I wrote some freelance articles for a website once, convincing people why they should travel to Italy... and ended up selling this idea to myself in the process! I love the contrast of such beautiful, untouched beaches set against mountainous, green terrain - and the huge, stunning lakes proper entice me too. Not to mention the pasta potential.


Yeah, I really wanna do Ibiza. Yeah, I'm old. But it's one of them places I feel I need to experience in my lifetime. I've blates watched too much Ibiza Weekender and managed to convince myself I should just up sticks and become a rep over there, but there is the other, more cosmopolitan / quiet side of the island that I'd like to visit too. After drinking my body weight in Jager and doing a few slut drops on the bar, of course.


If there was one place in the world I'd move to permanently - and immediately - today, it'd be here. What a beautiful, beautiful part of the world this secluded lil island is. And so cheap - I actually came back from this holiday with a few hundred Euros left over - literally couldn't spend it. And I even bought cat food for the local strays; I wasn't exactly thrifty. The food is gorgeous, everywhere is so laid back, there's wild horses in the mountains [which gives me an excuse to constantly sing Susan Boyle's 'Wild Horses' all the time], the people are so friendly, there's cats galore, there's literally not a cloud in the sky, the food is unreal and I just feel ridiculously at peace here. 10/10 would recommend for a quiet getaway with ya mates or a couples retreat.


The more I hear about Malta [and it's strategic location in terms of gegging in and stealing some of the warm climates from Africa] the more I need to go. I convinced one of the young apprentices at work to go there a couple of years ago; and although his photos weren't the greatest ever, it still looked amazing AF. Maybe one to explore this year - I have a friend who I know loves this place and wouldn't need much persuading to book somewhere!

Now to decide on the location[s] I'm gonna fill 2018 with - and make my holiday playlist on Spotify - my Physio has properly got me into Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa's new song [literally, we listened to it on repeat in my session the other day hahaha] so that'll be on there I reck - what are your ultimate holidays CHOONS?

Have you got any holidays booked this year? Have any of my destinations awoken your inner travel bug? Don't forget to check out Holiday Gems to get a better idea of some of the reasonably priced, reasonably quick destinations you could be heading off to this Summer - and of course, all my World Duty Free Beauty posts; so you can see what treats you can pick up in the airport!
*Sponsored post but all opinions and dream destinations are my own & proper truthful, like. All photos my own - pls do not steal them okay huns xox
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