One of the most commonly held misconceptions re: office lyf is that looking professional can only be achieved by teaming a boring black skirt / trousers with a shirt. I'm throwing no shade at this outfit choice; by any stretch of the imagination, like - it defo looks sleek, smart & is totes suitable for the workplace. But it's not the only option available to you, queen.

If you feel like your current selection of workwear is holding your personality prisoner, read on for a few top tips on how you can look stylish and show off your true sense of style in the workplace. Whilst maintaining your job & looking HAWT during your Tuesday morning flirt with Bob at the photocopier.

Work in a pop of colour – One of the easiest ways to add a pinch of personality to your work wardrobe is to add a splash of colour. And there's a whole heap of different ways you can do this. Why not start off by introducing a bold coloured handbag into your workdrobe, for example. And when you're feeling a bit more confident / sassy AF, perhaps work in a statement skirt or a pair of bold coloured trousers. They're still smart picks, still stylish & still totes suitable for work. Just 10x more you.

Glam up your look with your lipstick selection – Personal style isn't just limited to the clothing you wear. You can easily [and affordably] transform a ‘boring’ suit with a vibrant shade of lipstick in seconds - one dash of lippy [such as a coral or a pillar-box red] can totes alter your appearance & change the game. And this, of course, acts as the perfect excuse to go browsing the makeup dept in ya local Boots for inspo, right?

Shop based on brand – There are certain brands out there who are known for their vibrancy; yet always maintain an air of professionalismFrank Walder T-shirts are a great example of this. Shopping based on brand is a fab option for those who are maybe just a lil unsure on what is & isn't appropriate for the office. There is nothing wrong with injecting some vibrancy or prints into your workwear wardrobe [in fact, I totally ship this idea] -  you simply need to make sure you do so in a stylish & sleek way... which is where brand selection comes into play.

Incorporate new trends into your work look – One of the best ways to keep your office attire interesting is to incorporate a few of the latest fashion trends into it. Of course, not all fashion trends are going to be suitable for the workplace. Sheer clothing, bralets, cropped tops & those dresses that split all the way up ya bum are probs gonna be frowned upon by Gladys in the Finance Dept. However, there will be some trends you can include in your work wardrobe; which will give it an instantly striking and stylish upgrade. If you're looking of investing in some new work garms, a few hot SS18 trends to watch include Crayola shades, pastel colours, check print, feathers (subtly – nothing OTT!), the XL tote  bag and floral dresses. Obv.

There's plenty of ways you can jazz up ya work wardrobe to let your personality shine through & feel more fab & less drab in the office. Hopefully these tips will help point you in the right direction - nailing the style stakes whilst remaining professional AF; always. Av that, Gladys!
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