I NEED TO BOOK A HOLIDAY SO BADLY, IT HURTS. Pls Lottery Jesus, hear my prayers & desperation and let me win! Equally, debt collectors of the North West, pls also hear my poverty stricken pleas & at least let me dip a toe in the sea before you swoop in & reclaim every penny I owe. Thx.

It's Summer, finally, the sun's out & all I wanna do is lie on a beach somewhere hot; listening to Calvin Harris in my bikini. Maybe even hanging out with our Calv in my bikini, if I was super lucky [pls take note, God & co.] At this stage, I'm just daydreaming - a lot - about vacays... but I'm really hoping the stars align & I can get away in the next 3 months. Travel, sunbathing & stroking as many feral foreign cats as possible are pretty much all my life goals summed up

Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance
Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance

I'm a bit of an over-planner when it comes to packing. Most of the time, I'll have packed 80% of my stuff at least 3 weeks before check-in. I just enjoy it so much, and I like to be organised abroad. Considerably more so than I am in the UK anyway, where I spend most of my time running round like a headless chicken, wingin' it to the max. So much chicken puns, so little time.

I also like to try and get my currency ahead of time too... a] so I don't get tempted and spend it on all the makeups I definitely don't need and b] so I can lie on me bed and throw it all up in the air; pretending I'm a rapper in a music video. Or a Kardashian just going about their daily life. Oh, as well - I like to try and buy a little more travel moola than what I imagine I'll spend in the time I'm on vacay; just in case of emergency. Or rly incredible chocolate. And most importantly, to rly nail the music video 'it's raining dollar' vibe on me duvet; on the sly. 

Here's a few more things I always make sure to pack / do before I jet off, too.

Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance

- A Shellac manicure. Painting ya nails overseas is not the one. Shellac is long lasting, tough as old boots and [provided you dont go mental with sandpaper or knives] pretty much guaranteed to not chip for about 10 days.

- You know what else I'm not about abroad? Shaving. I recommend getting a wax / epilating a few days before you're due to fly; to keep regrowth at bay for longer & to allow the redness time to subside before you have to don ya bikini. Honestly saves so much time.

- That brand new NARS palette you've been eying up for weeks? HOLD UP, hun. There's no point shelling out more than you have to, when you're gonna be heading through World Duty Free now, is there?! Make ya shopping list, check for deals online & save dat dollar. 

- Take tissues. Those little hand-sized packs that you can fit in ya pocket or bag. You just know you're going to end up using those scabby public toilets by the beach that never have bog roll - don't get caught short.

- Hand sanitiser is my world abroad. Especially when I'm on the beach or have just stroked a thousand stray cats and weeped hysterically. It's so ... excuse the pun... handy and helps me feel much cleaner & less bacteria-ridden. And it's cheap as chips, too.

Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance

- Batteries, chargers and plug adapters. Cos no self respecting blogger wants to be without a phone, camera or social media whilst taking hotdog leg selfies on the beach, amirite? Whilst you're at it, it's a good idea to see what offers your mobile phone provider have on data, calls and texts too... the unexpected charges can sting more than sunburn hun; believe me, I've been there!

- Speaking of stinging - make sure you pack fly spray and mozzy plug-ins, just in case. There is legit nothing more annoying than being bitten by those little b*stards... time to make them pay.

- Aftersun & suncream... no brainer those, rly. Although if your case is close to the weight limit, you can always pick these bits - and things like shampoo, moisturiser, conditioner etc, up at the airport. Once you get abroad, the price on stuff like suncream gets ridic because they know us pasty Brits can't hack it. Buggers.

- Tweezers - cos your hair and nails grow faster in the sun, with all that Vitamin D. No-one wants a monobrow in Marbs.

Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance

- And finally. TRAVEL INSURANCE. Oh my days. Before you step a single foot on that plane, pls make sure you've purchased a policy. They're honestly much cheaper than you imagine - especially if you're a lucky ducky with no health complaints, and a [if not the] Holiday Essential of the year. 

This girl was me, once. Before that fateful accident in Turkey in 2014 changed the course of my life forever. I paid hardly anything for my travel insurance policy when I look back... but it saved my life, my leg and over £30,000 in medical fees. I could never have afforded that... I'm legit the biggest advocate of travel insurance now.

I can't actually believe so many people chance it & go without when they go away - or that I've left this, the most important thing you should sort for your holiday, until last in my list rly. Bupa Global are a great shout if you're looking to get covered this year; visit their site to find out more. Pinky prom you'll check them out before you check yourself in on that flight? Thx boo.

Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance
Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance

I'm gonna drop the mic on that crucially important point and head off to graze on some Nutella. Straight from the jar, with a spoon; obv. But definitely bear that in mind if you're heading off on holiday this year, queens. Better to be safe than sorry - always.

What are your travel essentials? Do you have any life hacks / holiday hacks you wanna share? My comments box below is game as a badger to hear from you, as always xo
*Sponsored post, but all tips, opinions and details of tragic accidents are very much my own. This is a topic rly close to my heart - pls feel free to message me if you want any more advice on staying safe abroad
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