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Sizzling Summer Bargains, The Watch Company*

Things life is better with:

1. A tan
2. Dogs
3. A proper beaut watch; that looks stylish AF, hides a multitude of blotchy fake tan sins around the hand / wrist divide [gals, you know how badly this area can betray us!] and gives you a subtle escape route when in that boring meeting... simply look at ya wrist & universally it'll be understood that you're bored out ya skull & things should be wrapped up pretty swiftly. 

They're a bit of a statement, must-have accessory at the moment, timepieces; the watch you wear says a lot about you - and [in the case of pyar rappers] is often a status symbol. So we're faced with the quandary of looking stylish & advertising our wealthy AF status [even if you're a tramps arse like me and blates just faking it till you make it] vs not having to remortgage your house to afford to buy what stylish looks like. And brand name watches aren't always cheap, frens. The age old dilemma.

The Watch Company Japan, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : The Watch Company]

One way you can get your mitts on the hottest timepieces, which you may not have considered before, is checking out an online store based overseas - where you can buy branded goods for considerably cheaper than you would in the UK. Or where you may be able to find rarer, highly sought after statement pieces that you've not been able to track down anywhere else in the UK market to buy online.

The watch shop in Japan, Nakano I'd like to introduce you to today isssss, as you may have guessed by the title, The Watch Company*. All products stocked by these guys have been inspected & purchased directly from all over the globe; to provide us with the lowest cost yet best quality pieces & service for customers. If status is what you're after, status is what you can almost certainly get on their website; they stock prestigious watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tudor and more.

The Watch Company Japan, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : The Watch Company]

All prices on the website are in Japanese yen - with tax included; and when you consider that 1 yen = £0.0068... there's potentially some lucrative savings to be made. They're the Japanese Tax Free shop 100% worth a visit if you happen to travel over there ... with a website full of beautiful time pieces to be perved on. Or to add to ya Wishlist; for when you get to the stage in life you can class yourself as ballin'.

The Watch Company Japan, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : The Watch Company]

What would your dream watch be, if money was no object?
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