I'm still no closer to walking down the aisle, let's face it. I've gone from wanting to be married with kids by my mid-twenties to  [once I hit and passed that milestone, with nothing but cheese in the fridge & a coffee in hand] wondering whether there's any human on this planet I could tolerate full time, for the rest of my life

That doesn't stop me dreaming & planning though - Pinterest boards, magazines, living vicariously through friends... the Wedding fever can sometimes get pretty full-on. Especially when it comes to looking at hair, makeup and dresses for the big day. And, of course, further encouraged by how stunning Meghan Markle looked on her Wedding Day recently.

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The Dress
Undoubtedly the single most exciting thing about the whole marriage malarky. Defo more exciting than the fact you're marrying the man of your dreams. I guess until you get out there dress shopping, you don't really know what's going to steal your heart. I've seen Don't Tell The Bride - I know how these things go. 

I think I'd like something quite simple, with a bardot neckline. Possibly some lace going on. OH and it hasssss to be full length because I am most definitely going to be representing flip flops under there.

The Venue
My friend got married in the most beautiful countryside mansion last year; which had cottages and stunning hotel suites for all the guests to stay in together. It was possibly the best two days of my adult life - and it wasn't even my Wedding, so I would very much like to copy her pls.

Everything about the venue she chose was perfect - the views, the remote location, the beautiful gardens & statues framing the happy couple. I think what the venue looks like from the outside - as well as in - is super important... think of all the group shots & selfies outside. You don't want your backdrop to be some pure untamed, wild shrubbery. Defo needs to be a place where some proper landscaping services have been implemented, IMO.

Confetti Shop, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : Confetti Shop]

The Decor
I really love minimalist decoration & interiors - call me cliché [cos I am, I'm basic AF & I love it] but I think I'd like to go with a sorta peony-blush, cream and gold theme for the decor and flowers. Nothing too rogue. Just my dream aesthetic and of course, perfectly fitting for the 'Gram. My friend who's Wedding I am fully obsessed with had black, cream and gold; with loads of lush greenery & amazing flowers. I copy her.

The Trimmings
Of course, I want the whole kitten caboodle [lol is that still a thing people say in 2018?] when it comes to the trimmings. The attention to detail. The icing on the cake. Guestbooks, photos, keepsakes and all the sentimental stuff I can possibly collect & hoard for the rest of my life, like I do with all my memories from Uni. Confetti Shop [as you may have guessed with my constant images from their site] have become my absolute inspo queens for all this sorta stuff - so if you're getting married or just fancy being a Bridezilla with no fiancé for the day [like me] get clicking & falling in love with their stuff NOW.

Confetti Shop, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : Confetti Shop]

The Bridesmaids
I reckon the Bridesmaids would look fit in blush pink [again, inspired by the oh-so-blogger peony] - but I'm not too fussed on forcing them to all wear or look the same. As for who I'd pick... I think I have my candidates in mind. Purely picked on the criteria of who would throw me the best Hen Party, hahaha.

The Ringbearer
Two words. Clive. Balls. If you know, you know!

Confetti Shop, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : Confetti Shop]

Do you dedicate an obscene amount of time dreaming about your Wedding - or reminiscing on the big day; if you're lucky enough to have found Mr / Mrs Right?
*Sponsored post, but all wedding opinions and over-excitement about dresses are very much my own.
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