If you’re a bit of a fashionista / serial clothing hauler, you'll know that out of the reams of clothes you may already own or pick up during your shopping sprees; some just don't feel quite right. No matter how stylish or on-fleek they are, some items just don't sit right when tried on, the fabric isn't quite what you expected or the colour perhaps doesn't go with much you own / clashes with your bangin' new hair dye job.

This can be pretty annoying - especially when you see an item on somebody else and LOVE it... but there are things that you can do to save yourself the pain of being let down by clothes [and yes, it can be legitimately painful huns... we've all been there.] We've compiled a few top tips to avoid this happening on your next fashion shopping spree - read on & enlighten your hauling habits.

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1. Is it figure flattering?

Buying items to fit your figure well can be pretty hard, especially as there are so many different body types out there. Buying jeans when you have a HOT lil bubble butt & a small waist can be a difficult endeavour... and when you finally find a pair that fit, you never want to take them off!

There are certain styles that always work for certain body types however - you can find the most figure flattering items by looking into what body shape you actually have. Many people assume they are one shape indefinitely - but this can change & is often based on perceptions you have of yourself which may not be true. There's something out there that'll make you look and feel HOT AF; so look into figure flattering options for you asap hun.

2. Is it good quality?

You may recall a time where you fell head over heels for an item... but after you'd put it in the washing machine, something totes different came back out! 😫😫😫 It's understandable that you don't want the same fate to be bestowed on that beautiful dress you wanna wear all the time... and to avoid that happening, you should remember check before you buy that the item itself is good quality and likely to be wearable for a long time to come.

Whilst it can be totes tempting to buy into fast fashion / cheap AF clothes, it's likely you may live to regret this when you find yourself having to forever rebuy clothes & can’t wear that item that you love anymore. Invest in quality where possible - you’ll be glad that you did. This is much more sustainable & better for the environment too.

3. Is it your colour?

It's tempting to buy your whole wardrobe in your favourite colour - but in order to dress well, you should consider swapping baby pink for colours that complement your hair colour & skin tone; rather than just for your Instagram aesthetic! For example, yellow looks bangin' on darker skin tones... but if you're a bit on the paler side, it can really wash you out. There are a few colours that look fit on pretty much all skintones though - so do your research and you won't do any wrong with these!

Learn what suits your colourings best and try a few different pieces on to see how you feel. If you look & feel good in something, that's all that matters ultimately.

If you’re a fashion lover, we hope you found these top tips useful & bear them in mind when you're next shopping for new garms. By picking up pieces that flatter your body shape, are of good quality and are colours that match ya hair & skin tone, you'll be onto a winner! 
*Collaborative post - for more information on what this means, please see my Disclaimer
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