As we finally transition into Spring and wave a firm goodbye to Winter [happily - tra hun! you guys know my feelings on this terrible, cold season by now] it's the perfect time to detoxify dry, irritable skin.

The cold season is notorious for drying out / battering skin - the change in temperature over the last few months brings about heightened exposure to harsh weather conditions & dry indoor heating; meaning your skin would totes benefit from a little TLC.

Enter this brand new release from PAYOT Paris; their Hydra 24+ Masque; a super moisturising, comforting mask which bathes the skin with much-needed hydration & nourishment. It's packed full of super-soothing, moisturising ingredients - formulated to ensure a beautiful, healthy complexion.

NEW! Extreme Skin Hydration by PAYOT Paris

This lux mask boasts a unique formula of active ingredients; including Hydro Défense Complex, fig, watermelon, red algae extract and H2O patch. Not only does this hydrating mask deeply nourish the skin, it also contains anti-pollutant actives to protect it from pollution, toxins & irritants.

The inclusion of Vitamin C within this potent mixture helps to brighten the complexion leaving it looking healthy & luminous - and Vitamin E protects the cells from environmental damage. The mask promises to leave the skin silky-soft, smooth and hydrated.

Easy to use, beautifully luxurious and nourishing; simply apply a thick layer of the mask over the entire face, neck & décolleté to enjoy its benefit. Leave on the skin for 15 minutes before removing the excess; suitable for dehydrated skin.

Available at - RRP £25.30 
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