I dunno about you, but that unexpected burst of Spring-esque weather the other week has got me wanting to do ALL THE ONLINE SHOPPING to update my wardrobe & get a bit of a glow up in some new garmz. I say this as there's pure hailstones bashing at my window and galeforce winds blowing all the neighbourhood wheelie bins over... but the Spring dream is real, huns.

I've been doing a lot of online window shopping of late; bookmarking pages for later, emailing stuff to myself & scouring the world wide web for the best dealz - so I wanted to do a lil round-up of some of my fave new bits for Spring 2019 in a blog post. Which - funnily enough - is why I'm typing this out right now.

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I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS APPROACHING-SPRING AESTHETIC. Like, I've actually been surprised at how much I actually like on the high-street rn... though this is, of course, because I'm exceedingly poor and suffering from a 'you always want what you can't have' kinda mindset. But rly.

KTURE are a site I hadn't shopped on or heard much about before, but I've really enjoyed scouring their site for inspo for this post / my TBC glow-up / my life. The Kenzo clothing bits in this round-up of Springtime fashion baes have been sourced from their site - I'll link everything below if you like the look of these picks as much as I do.

From L-R:

πŸ’œ Boohoo Mixed Cord Pink Denim Jacket, £30
I love a bit of pastel pink in the Spring; it lightens up an outfit and gives it an instant bitta new season sparkle. I love wearing this kinda colour contrasting with a black tee or dress underneath, and can quite honestly think of about 23423 ways to style it.

πŸ’œ Quiz Black High Waisted Leggings, £16.99
I've wanted some decent leather look leggings for AGES and at this price, I think I'm gonna order these and put them to the test.

πŸ’œ Kenzo Layered Satin & Crocheted Cotton-blend Dress, £360
I mean LOL, I'm not affording this any time soon, but I absolutely love the crochet detailing on this dress; and how much it could be dressed up with heels or down with a denim jacket and converse during the day.

πŸ’œ Boohoo Nude Cross Strap 2 Part Heels, £25
I love these delicate heels, omd. I've not yet mastered heels again after the whole 'me-leg-fell-off' hip shattering incident of 2016, but these are incentive to start trying - they're so pretty and dainty. And I love a good nude [shoe.]

πŸ’œ Boohoo Oversized Round Sunglasses, £4
I LOVE this style of shades - I had some just like this that I adored but accidentally sat on on the beach with my raging huge backside and broke. And at that price, I'm definitely considering picking these up to fill the empty void in my life that my giant arse caused.

πŸ’œ Quiz Aqua And Coral Floral Bardot Peplum Top, £22.99
I love aqua coloured clothes [they don't half make ya tan pop], I love peplum as it cleverly disguises my bloated lil pasta belly and I love bardot style tops; so this cutie is soooooooo a bitta me. 

πŸ’œ Kenzo Small Logo Patch Raffia Top Handle Bag, £210
This just oozes effortless style, I'm obsessed. No matter what season [I imagine myself carrying this with an oversized tee, leggings and flip flops tbh, and a basic bitch coffee in tow woo] it just works and it's probably my favourite pick of the whole bunch.

πŸ’œ I Saw It First Black / White Leopard Print Scrunchie, £3
I have a scrunchie similar to this and I adore it... it just makes me feel so much more stylish when I grab my hair and throw it up into whatever measure helps get it off my face. I'm all about leopard print scrunchies, oversized tees, leggings and denim - so this being on the high street gives me a glimmer of hope other people might be feeling this vibe in SS19, too!

What do you think of my Spring fashion picks? Will you be picking anything similar up on your upcoming hauls?
*Post sponsored by Kture, but all opinions and picks for the piece are my own.
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