I haven't written a 'A - Z' type post in aaaaaages [or any posts rly, remember that time I was blissfully delusional & imagined that once I went self-employed I'd have more time to dedicate to blogging ahahahaha? 😫] but I properly enjoy both compiling & reading them - so for today's dating ramble, you know exactly what to expect!

There's loadsa different specific topics I could A - Z on in terms of dating - remember when I did that Alphabet Dating post where I went full rogue and whacked in date ideas such as anal?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Today's list - you may be pleased / devoed to learn, is just gonna be a mash-up of things to consider when deciding whether you want to be in a relationship; or continue enjoying single life & one night stands. Many of these pointers being things that fellas should definitely take note of. And otherwise, just my own thoughts & never ending rambling πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A-Z of Dating / Romance, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

A is for Arsehole - don't be one. There is an alarmingly high percentage of a-holes knocking about the UK; pls regularly ensure you are not a part of this statistic. 

B is for Birthdays - don't forget them or - yeno, book a trip to Prague on the weekend of your girlfriend's 30th. I'll tell you now, she won't like it - and she'll dump you and fly to Zante. If you're anything like me.

C is for Crank. Unfortunately lads, your bird will be a bad crank from time to time. But she's worth it. Probably. Try chocolate if all else fails. Or yeno, you could also just try not being a top tit and annoying her into the state of Crankdom in the first place.

D is for Dog. A Sausage Dog, a Pomeranian and a Pug to be exact. Those are the three puppers you'll need to buy me in order to not face the firing line. Don't be a guppy, buy her a puppy; k hun?

E is for Easter Eggs. Everyone knows that there is no greater form of chocolate than when it comes in an egg shape. I've been eating them for weeks. Always keep an eye out for Easter Eggs that're on offer & bulk buy them. It's the only way.

F is for Friends. Don't act like your bird doesn't exist when you're with them.

G is for Girlfriend. For the love of God, fellas, if you're going to go the whole hog and ask your bae to be your girlfriend, don't carry on speaking to other birds & manwhoring it around Heebie Jeebies at the weekend. I JUST DON'T GET IT. Don't be in a relationship if you wanna play the proverbial field; it's not that hard.

H is for Hamster. If your bird has a hamster, you have to recognise that this furry little bundle of joy is probably more important in her life than you are; and that said hamster will likely have her attention more than you do when you're in the same room.

I is for I. Don't be all about yourself, all the time. Something  you decide to do, brag about or say to bae might make you feel better; but think about how it makes the other person feel. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings & opinions. Could ramble on for ages, but won't.

J is for Just One Night Stands. If you're not looking for a relationship and instead, want to have a bit of fun, resources like this are a great shout. Everyone's on the same page when using a site like this - and I firmly believe that you shouldn't consider getting into a full-blown committed relationship if you still fancy having a few last flings. If the idea of JustOneNightStands.com has grabbed your attention and you're wondering 'where are one night stands near me?' there you go, hun. Click that link & sign up!

K is for Kisses. But not too many. That's a romantic thing that people do, right?

A-Z of Dating / Romance, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

L is for Love. Cherish it and use your love to look after the other person; not force your love on them or declare your undying affections on the first date. Those things aren't it.

M is for Money. I need some, pls.

N is for Nudes. I'm not from the generation of nudes - the concept is alien to me, and I've only ever sent risky photos to the girls in the group chat. But I know a lot of young people do, and it just seems mad. With sites like JustOneNightStands.com, I guess you're free to decide what you want to do and what you feel comfortable with - but I'm guessing if you're all about a casual bang & not so much abut sending a nude; this site again has many benefits for ya.

I remember once, this guy from Uni I was friends with [we'll call him Trebor] text me after a few years of us having not spoken. He went in with a 'Hey love how r u' so I was like 'OH HAI I'm good are you?' and he simply responded with 'SEND NUDES.' We've never spoken since.

O is for 'Onesty. Don't lie or hide things - it's proper turd behaviour. I can't believe I forgot this crucially important moral value when writing 'H' & went for hamster instead 😭😭

P is for Personality. It's so important. For me, I need to be with someone funny, outgoing / sociable, sharp, impulsive, decisive and driven. Someone who is honest and caring - but supports my independence & has similar levels of motivation and desire. If you don't have decent bants, in the bin you go.

Q is for Queen. Treat your girlfriend like one. 

R is for ROADTRIP! There's nothing better than heading through the drive through, cranking some vintage cheese out through the stereo and heading out for a drive. Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining. BOOM. Only a little thing, but such a cute time to spend exploring together.

S is for Sex. It's okay for men - and women - to openly enjoy and be able to talk about their enjoyment of this topic. Which sites like JustOneNightStands.com understand & create a safe environment for.


U is for Understanding. Even if you don't personally understand / have experienced the situation or feelings bae if going through, try and see it from their perspective and instead of dropping out a default 'It'll be fine', try and understand how they're feeling & offer useful advice or reasoning.

V is for Very Much Struggling Now. The alphabet is failing me - and I'm heading for X, Y, Z now too 😫

W is for World. Travel it together - spend as much time on the beach, a million miles away, enjoying each other's company. OR do what I do - stick in some headphones & pretend to be asleep.

X is for X-Ray. If your bird ends up having health issues, stick by her & put on a strong face; rather than weeping over needles / blood.

Y is for Y? Boys, y u do some of the stuff you do?!

Z is for zzzzz, apologies that was so long & considerably more irate in places than I anticipated!

A-Z of Dating / Romance, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Wherever you're at in your dating journey, there's no doubt there's a lot of fun to be had; provided you follow a few basic principles & don't act like a total gobsh*te. And if you're not ready for a relationship & wanna enjoy riding solo, sites like JustOneNightStands.com are a great shout!
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