Why is it that we often treat out perfume as an after-thought? We take ages making sure our make-up’s on fleek, figuring out what clothes to wear... all to then grab the nearest fragrance to spritz on; without thinking about it.

This is especially strange when you consider how important smell  actually is. We’re talking pheromones to be exact; the chemical substances that have a powerful effect on people around you. And how our choice of scent makes others perceive us.  

You may find yourself asking... aren’t all perfumes basically the same? And the answer is a resounding NO hun! Wanna learn more? Keep reading, cos I've got some fab tips to share with you today huns.

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Perfume houses spend years developing their signature scents - all of which have something different to offer. Female fragrances can basically be divided into three different camps: 

Fruity Ones 
These scents are dominated by fresh, fruity vibes – such as citrus notes - or hints of berry sweetness. Occasionally you’ll get unusual fruits too, like apple or pineapple. 

Floral Ones
Floral fragrances feature lots of light, natural notes. Jasmine’s a popular ingredient in these kinda scents; as are rose and lavender. 

Musky Ones
The sultry, after-hours kinda fragrances. Usually, these perfumes feature woody ingredients (sandalwood for example) or luxurious notes of oud oil or amber. 

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How do fragrances match with clothes? 

It's a matter of personal preference, but if, for example, you’re pairing a sexy, musky fragrance with a cute tea-dress and sandals during the day, there's a lil bit of mismatch here. The scent doesn’t rly match the outfit. You'll agree that there's an art to selecting outfits - and there’s an art in picking out the right fragrance too. 

When you’re testing out your next perfume, ask yourself the following

1. How does it make you feel? Is it light and energetic, or a bit mysterious & alluring? Does it bring out your inner vamp, or make you wanna go on a picnic and soak up the summer sun? 

2. What’s the dominant scent? Generally speaking, fruity fragrances are perf for daytime wear, floral scents are bangin' day-to-night options & musky perfumes are ideal for your that hot date. You can find some good inspiration at Copycat Fragrances

3. What does the bottle say? I know, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover... or indeed, a perfume by its bottle. But realistically speaking, the bottle gives you a good idea of when to wear its contents. If it’s a classic, formal style; the fragrance might be better for work. If it’s a glitzy bottle, it's probs one for nights out with ya pals. 

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Where to spray? 

Try to avoid spraying your perfume onto your clothes. It might smell great at the time, but after a few days, it’ll lose its loveliness and smell a bit stale. There are two main schools of thought on where's best to apply fragrance: 

1. Spray into the air. Some people swear by spraying the perfume into the air, then walking through it. This ensures an even coverage but doesn’t make the most of your body’s natural ‘hot-spots’. 

2. Apply at the key points. Spray the fragrance on the inner wrists and at the base of your throat. This ensures maximum potency. If you really want to go in for the kill, apply it behind your knees and ear lobes too. It’ll react with your body heat throughout the day. 

The key points: 

· If it’s sweet and fruity, keep your outfit casual, summery or cute. 
· If it’s floral and rich, go for formal-wear or something more girly / vintage. 
· If it’s musky and sensual, go for all-out glamour... or nothing at all 😉 [ooh-er!]

What's your signature scent?
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