Freelance life is the best, you know. I mean yes, it's also HARD AS HELL sometimes, but I don't regret for one minute taking this chance & seeing my yolo moment of 'quitting my job in favour of following my dreams' through.

More flexible working hours mean that I can spend time doing more of the things I enjoy & spending it with friends and family. As well as venturing to more events, and becoming involved in stuff I wouldn't ever normally consider - or have the chance to attend. PR events, exhibitions, new launches, pitches and award nights. Complimentary treatments [absolute fave] and press days. I even gave an interactive Q&A with an audience the other week. AND I even head off to have my hair done occasionally... I do love a good chat with my hairdresser during my curly blow and I haven't reached for a box of home bleach for weeks now.

I've been helping create, design and plan events with friends over this past year too [party planning is something I feel I was born to do]... from hen parties to baby showers, and from karaoke nights to award ceremonies [only small scale like, I haven't gone full BAFTA yet.]

I didn't realise quite how much prep goes into some of these shenanigans until I got more hands-on [I plan to get very 'hands on' at the Wine & Cheese Night I'm going to soon!]... and although I'd accompanied people to pick up medals for cycling / running club events before, I'd never really considered the amount of options or locations to shop glass trophy or other personalised trophy designs. Probs should, given how some of my best friends & nights are based at a local Rugby club where I've spent many a drunken hour, and who have these kinda ceremonies pretty regularly. But I didn't... and the new circles I'm moving in as a freelance gal means I'm starting to think about this stuff more.

Freelance Life, Events & Awards - Another Useful Resource For Ya | EX Awards

EX Awards are a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke... awards; funnily enough! They've created awards for the likes of the British Soap Awards, British Comedy Awards, MotoGP and plenty more; spanning a wide range of industries. This all being something very new to me - that I'm fascinated by. And their site being one that I wanted to put out there as a recommendation for anyone seeking personalised trophy inspo. 

If you run a business - perhaps a PR company with brand awards, a blogger community [like the Bloggers Blog Awards], manage socials at a local sporting club or have a team who you wanna celebrate, this site is super useful for getting bespoke trophy designs ordered in. 

I'm discovering so much working with online businesses and start-ups like these guys, and I'm honestly fascinated & excited about every new discovery I make. Hence why more of my blog is starting to be filled with this kinda content - a bit of an online resource for those starting to follow their dreams, and as a supportive feature for the companies that provide these services themselves.

I hope you guys enjoy learning about these online businesses and different independent resources as much as I do 💜
*Sponsored post, but all experiences and opinions expressed are totes legit & my own xo
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