When you think of backpacks, do you think of the thing you used to carry your books in for school, or maybe something college students use around campus? Well, actually, backpacks can be for adults, too, and can offer a stylish way to carry your things around for work or when you have a big day out planned, while also being better for your neck, back and shoulders than a shoulder bag. 

Of course, we are not talking brightly coloured things with plastic fasteners here, but chic, stylish bags from your favourite luxury designers. Here's how to make the grown-up backpack look work for you.

Why Backpacks Are Not Just For School Kids

Choose a Gorgeous Bag 

A great example of a backpack that can't help but look chic is the Loulou backpack by Yves Saint Laurent. Available in different sizes depending on your carrying needs, this classic bag with YSL branding has all of the style you would normally expect from a high-end bag, but in backpack form! You can get the Loulou bag in the range of Saint Laurent bags at SSENSE - visit this website to take a look. SSENSE has all of the latest women's bag collections from all of the most coveted names in fashion, and this classy backpack is just one of the designs here that you might fall in love with! 

Adjust The Straps to Give Maximum Comfort 

One of the main reasons why backpacks are so practical is that they don't lead to postural problems in the same way as carrying a heavy handbag or shoulder bag can over time. If you need to carry heavy items, such as your laptop or tablet, or folders and books for work, or you are someone who prefers to have everything they might need for the day or evening in their bag, including hairbrushes, make-up, perfume, wipes and a dozen other things on top of the usual wallet, keys, and phone, then a backpack style of bag is going to make it easier to distribute the weight nicely, making you more comfortable and avoiding muscle imbalances. It is important, though, to be wearing the bag in a comfortable way where it isn't bumping around as you move and the straps aren't slipping off your shoulders, so adjust before wearing. 

Remember Security 

One of the downsides of a backpack is that you can't see your bag when you are on the move, and you also may not be able to feel someone tampering with it if you are in a crowded space, like on public transport. Make sure then, that you don't put valuables in any easy to open front pockets on your bag, and use the interior, zipped up compartments for things like your wallet (or keep those in your inside jacket pocket instead to be extra careful. 

If you follow these tips you can enjoy the practical side of using a backpack as your main day bag and still have the chic, adult look you want... whilst also making sure you're safe.
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