I've never really thought about the sustainability of jewellery before - I know, call me a terrible human [cos I am] but whereas I'm conscious of recycling and reducing waste, I've never thought about diamonds & the like in this way before. Until now. Lark and Berry are a beautiful, luxury jewellery brand changing the way I think about this concept; boasting some really great ethical & sustainable values. Their fine range of jewellery is made with cultured [not mined] diamonds [me mind's blown here huns, didn't realise that was a thing!] meaning the entire range is ethical AF and always conflict free.

I'm a little bit obsessed with their stackable rings - look how gorgeous they are! Another example of sustainability done right - classy, chic, stylish and very Christmas Stocking worthy. None of the multi-colour tie dye yarn pieces that spring to mind when I think 'eco-friendly fashion'.

Lark & Berry Sustainable Diamond Jewellery

Lark & Berry Sustainable Diamond Jewellery

After educating myself more on this matter, reading Lark and Berry's website, I've learned that diamond mining is something which has taken its toll on our environment—huge, permanent holes have been dug into the earth, ground waters have become polluted and wildlife has been displaced from its natural habitat; to name just a few of these sad realities. This modern world makes me so sad. I just wanna rescue all the animals and love them forever. People are the worst.

In light of this, Lark and Berry have partnered with the One Tree Planted organisation - which I massively applaud and admire them for. As you shop stylish pieces of diamond jewellery [like seriously, these are pieces you'd be made up to find in ya stocking this Christmas] you're supporting and helping our planet - & I can't even begin to estimate how many clapping hand emojis I wanna paste in after this sentence to show my massive respect for this.

One Tree Planted work to continually plant trees [if the name hadn't given that part away for ya already] - and their work facilitates reforestation, biodiversity creation & even helps create new eco-conscious employment opportunities. *More clapping hand emojis*

Lark & Berry donate 5 trees to be planted for every purchase made through their website or in stores. With the new trees made available by your purchase, they work with One Tree Planted to focus reforestation primarily in Africa; who's inhabitants have suffered some of the worst consequences from diamond mining. OTP work in North America, South America, Africa and Asia; where they get their plant on to help with the reforestation of areas that need help with wildfire restoration, biodiversity, habitat expansion, agroforestry, food security, social impact and watershed maintenance among others.

Trees are proper babes. I feel we overlook how bloody amazing they are - only commenting on them in Autumn when the leaves change colour and fall. But without them, we'd be totally screwed. These leafy huns absorb harmful pollutants so we don’t have to; cleaning our air and regulating our climate. Which is another issue in itself #CombatClimateChange. Not to mention how many species of animals, birds, insects, fungi, moss & plants need them to survive; and keep our eco-system in motion.

Lark & Berry Sustainable Diamond Jewellery

Much as I enjoy shopping the sales & browsing the high street for cute pieces of jewellery, discovering Lark and Berry has really opened my eyes to thinking more about where these items originate from - and at what cost to the planet. I feel we've all been so caught up thinking about bags for life and plastic straws that really important factors & causes like the ones these guys fight for sometimes get overlooked.

Shop independent, save the planet, remain sustainable and check out stylish diamond jewellery brands like these guys this Christmas - it's never too late to make a change gang xo
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